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Ever have one of those dreams where you get so mad that you accidently do something you should've?
In last nights dream me and Dad came face to face and even Sam defended him while helping me out when I snapped at Dad telling him everything that was wrong I then did it again I used his trust against him and immediately purchased a ticket to Nevada!
I got back on the bus and as my anger downed I texted Dad further telling him what WAS the worth of going to nevada for, and then, it happened, I realized I had no guide and I realized I was panicking badly!
That was when something happened I stood up and could feel the floor beneath my feet and realized the world was looking oddly more colorful I asked to get dropped off when my mom appeared and said she'd help me out, then I began to calm down and the bus drove on.
I realized in my moment of anger I had forgotten a lot, my laptop, my gifts, even my hats and other things. The only thing I had, was the clothes on my back.
I felt horrid in the dream I never even told bugsy.
Suddenly the bus driver made an anouncement and deja-vu hit me as it stopped something felt oddly familiar of this stop as it drove off the road into a nearby field of.... some sort of fuschia yet lavender smelling? the color of Fuschia yet the smell and the rock was so beautiful the whole landscape looked so wonderful I felt the smoothness of the flowers as all the passangers didn't seemed amazed at all, I could even hear the odd roar of the ocean in the background of it all, I took out my camera only to find it enhanced somehow by my lucid dreaming and now the images are far more beatiful.
I felt so relaxed, so relaxed at it all at the beauty.
To me, this whole dream may have meant something big though
Something big is about to happen when several dreams keep happening you know something big will
Even Importy 2 has been acting strange of late, I've been noticing how he's been acting around me. Remember how I sense strange things, 2's been acting like something really good is about to happen, that goofball of a creation of mine is a lot like me, he doesn't know how to hide, maybe he does better than I but his face when I draw it I note how it shows an odd smile of knowing something big is coming.
Also I uploaded my first erotic story but my nerves got the best of me and now I put it in scraps >.< Sorry I got embarrassed quick!
  • Mood: Content
So here is the major bad news.
(fair warning sexual things)
The scanner at the library... has been put away for the time being you see for the past two months or more the library has been under reconstruction which I have been trying to work around so I can scan the items and upload, however, for the past two weeks the scanner was put away so they could work on that part more, I knew this was going to happen however this means that my drawings to be scanned have been rather... well piling up.
Drew some today and realized something more than half this 100 page pad is already full!
Whoa that is a LOT of items to scan and possibly upload, so I'm sorry everyone I've even been working a good deal on the requests and am sorry to say I won't be uploading them for a long long while however I will be working on typing some stories to upload, fair warning they are pretty uh... erotic seems I'm back into erotic stories which I will tell you when I was younger I wouldn't ever dare put them anywhere.
When I was young I was particularly scared of telling anyone even my mother I already knew how to have sex at the young age of 13 (I was introduced via dreamland due to being raped by a monster)
I later had a huge fetish with transformation and a bunch of other fetishes and did not even know what they were that even when I drew them I would later eventually rip them up time and again, draw them then when I got paranoid of someone going through my room rip them up again and do this again and again, when I got a computer and well got a bit more intense I feared of discovery I then would type re-read then delete regretting but then discover Floppy then USB's
Eventually I kept my Erotic's but even to this day I fear what people think of my strange fetishes, though I now know most are completely natural and I'm not scared (except when it comes to my highly religious judgemental father) Just..... transformation is still not considered a real fetish to some people.
Anyways I can try and upload and then I am trying to work on Diamond Crystal too
Now enough of my past when it comes to my well sexuality..... Lets just say when it came to comparing myself to others, watching playboy magazines of human boys.... just did not really turn me on truly...
And when I discovered (recently) that adult stores here in Alamo are forbidden no wonder I turned part lesbian! All I could look at was myself!
And no wonder I find Sam so hott he's one of the few men here in Alamogodo with abs. -.- yes, Sam has abs, he looks like he has some!!!!
So yeah in a nutshell, I'll try to upload and work on some things, but its not going to be easy, until I can find an alternate scanner here in my town I won't be able to upload.
And I can't use the scanner at my dad's as far as I know it won't save to a USB
PLUS! He won't like what I scan to his computer -.- Ugh no wonder Sam can't stand living at his house more than I >:/ He can't look at Porn, (dad believes every porn site has bugs and virus plus its a sin to god in his opinion -.-) Can't have sex (I swear I don't think Dad has done his wife the entire time he's been with her!!!) Sam just can't walk around without a shirt on (not even to train! which by the way is totally hot)
So Lets get to the dream

Anyways in the dream we were back to square one alright so now after looking around we wind up at a college where I bring along my backpack so I can fit in better, felt just like my college and high school days ^_^ however, while Silvina once more took off knowing Nayu and I were more accustomed to college's like these, however, after I took a class with Nayu nearby I soon found myself agasp my backpack went missing!!!!!
While Nayu kept me calm after a while I suddenly found people turning on me and Nayu!!!
We took off running only after a while got a notice from Silvina, someone was framing mainly me, someone by the name of Penelope in the guise of Eva my old friend.
I looked around and found her in the crowd, me in my classic jacket that I've worn at fall for the past several years, that was it!
Yesterday when Dad treated Sam the way he did was bad enough, but turning into Eva to pit these people against me, backstabbing me as a result!!! I then decided it was time to go werewolf!
She then went magical stating that her boss hired her for me as I grabbed my backpack and ran after her the crowd realizing what went wrong.
I lunged as Penelope turned back and then her eyes turned wide with horror, she was a pink mouse from Sly Cooper she then screamed for her boyfriend Bentley and begged for mercy as I snarled at her, I then could hear the crowd cheer on the fight as she slipped from under me squeeking as she did as I unzipped my jacket the boys woo-hooing and whistling as I turned snapping at them saying.
"Pathetic what are you expecting me to do fight!? Go get a life!" And chased her down, she had found a pastor (who looked like mine except with blue eyes) he stood in front of her and he knew I wasn't going to attack her and said
"What are you going to do?
Then stood out of the way as I got full control and lunged grabbing small Penelope bringing her snout to my snout glaring I gave her a clear warning then.
"Dare to EVER spread rumors about me like that again and I will rip you to shreds you damn pink rat AM I CLEAR!!!!?"
She nodded scared out of her wits at me as I tossed her to the ground and turned walking off looking at where the humans were still frozen, it was all the proof I needed to know who played the pastor right there.
Did I pass the test?
Who knows?
But my anger towards my father is still very evident in this dream.
Whilst in the dream while me, Nayu, and Silvina all wounded up going to where it all began to find traces and even clues as to who but Nayu wounded up finding Bugsy and getting laid hard when we woke up.
Dad was once more late picking me up when he did I was well beyond ready where-as yesterday I woke up RIGHT when he came to pick me up!
Oh damn did he piss me off
"ANNIE YOU KNOW I HAVE TO GO TO FULL GOSPEL ( you know I really should stick to spelling it FOOL gospel because then it makes a lot more sense because he spends so much foolish time there that it really does make a fool out of him to know what the shit he'll do to MAKE IT ON TIME for that (he'll miss a babies birth or even a wedding or heck lets add football to the lists while we're at it seriously I'm one pissed off wolf!!!!)))
Well anyways this morning my brother came to church (which later would reveal this made Dad mad) And (as usual) Sam found church boring as hell
He came out where I had sold two items to make 15 dollars a 5 dollar necklace to a young girl who was very sweet and my usual customer. It was good and afterwards went to lunch where I began to get highly irritated at Dad for not lending Sam his truck
But that was only the VERY tip of the iceberg
Dad then accused Sam of not honoring his promises of coming to Church every Sunday in which Sam calmly replied (Sam has amazing control over his emotions!) "I learn nothing there"
This made me smile I nearly once again nuzzled Sam I wanted to, this was what I always wanted to tell Dad, we learn nada in that Church.
However Dad began to get infuriated and began saying things that made me one pissed off bitch!
"DOES NOT MATTER! We are there to praise god! Not to learn!" He then turned to Connie and basically commented on how sociable Connie was compared to us!
Then said to Sam, IN FRONT OF ME!!!
"Sam you are Anti-Social" I swear if Sam wasn't nipping me time and again telling me this was his fight I would've lunged at those words he spoke to Sam!
I wanted to literally punch my dad right then and there, I wanted to kill him! My brother was ten TIMES more sociable than he OR Connie! HOW DARE HE TELL MY BROTHER JUST CAUSE HE DOESN"T WANT TO CONVERSE WITH THIS ONE PARTICULAR CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY THAT HE IS THEREFORE ANTI-SOCIAL!!!!
That is like saying that if the Queen of England decided to suddenly not go to a certain garden party she would therefore forever be considered ANTI-SOCIAL!!!!
And yet he considers CONNIE a social butterfly and can't take her from the church building without a crowbar because of how much she 'loves' to talk about God.
YEAH! F.Y.I I'm pretty sure if you want to be considered SOCIABLE you have to
A. Talk about more than 1 topic daily to keep interested guests accompanied
B. You should not really be this repugnant enough to drive people out of your own damn church (yeah Connie you've been caught doing this don't lie!)
AND C!!!
You have to know more about politics then just Obama shit -.- sorry I get really tired of hearing war war war, if you really are tired of hearing it, then seriously turn the tv off and live without it if you believe that Obama is going to walk into your very town (their words today) and take your money for their next big vacation. Ugh....
I didn't want to hear it but Connie was speaking above my MP3 so I couldn't help but overhear and try to shut them up!
Then our interesting (NOT! It was more like Dad was insulting me and Sam the entire way Sam taking it in stride while I wanted to just punch the daylights over how fuckin hypocritical he fuckin was at that moment!) conversation turned to opinions
Sam stated that he did not want to offend people when he goes in there.
Dad made himself look I'd say 2,000% dumber.
:stare: Okay.... okay.... OKAY!!!! :icongunplz: three guesses what I wanted to do at this point
Yeah at this point I was literally internally screaming my head off at him I was already mentally seeing red Nayu was holding me back hard with every limb she had and every time Dad spoke to me Nayu would speak in my stead and I'd fight back hard and when I was done eating I left Sam coming to me saying I needed to control my emotions bad.
But face it
He downright treated my brother WHO IS BETTER THAN ME MAY I ADD
worse than he did me
He downright told him the same thing he did me
I wonder if he knows that to me when he calls someone anti-social he's telling me their now outcasts
Everytime ever since that incident I stay clear away from events nomatter how happy they are sure I join in by singing, but Sam has even noticed how on his birthday instead of being IN the room I was at the door singing the birthday song, this time someone else had a birthday, I felt so shunned everytime dad called me that that I once more stood in the doorway this time.... no one noticed me singing, not even larry, when I said it to him passing he did notice me and thanked me.
The fact is my brother is better than me, I'm not jealous of it, not at all, okay maybe a little, but he's my brother, Sam has managed to do so much more than I
Managed to move out on his own sooner than I
Make circles of friends faster
Live with people easier
He breakdances
Works on farms
Dances across the nation
Sam's been to Michigan, California, Florida, and so many other wonderous places, and yet I... well look at me, 25 I'm still working on getting to Nevada.
I can't help but admit I'm very proud of my little brother, and he protects me and teaches me now.
And for my father to shun him like me!?
I just! NO!!!!
Thats why I want to punch my father, its not right for him to even hurt him, even if it was Sam's fight he's still my little brother and there was one thing you never did in my presence.....
  • Mood: Furious
In Annie's further travels she seems to be in the Totally Spies universe where she misses the gypsy man (supposedly) And he has now captivated a whole crowd.
After reuniting with Nayu and Silvina both unsure and now completely clue-less as to where they should go next to try and find Jesse when Annie caught eye of the gypsy.
Since Dreamland does give clues to reality and they all agreed they should take a break at least for a while Nayu and Silvina agree Annie should go off and look at things.
When she approached though she notices how the mans deck seems to be not wanting to cooperate with him and the man himself is in for selfish desires rather than doing the people good which is gaining him bad publicity.
So while he gains a crowds attention Annie decides to do him a favor and walks up to him and demands he shows his cards back-faced to her.
Startled by this passerby his crowd is now attentive as they too are curious.
Not wanting to displease this crowd he does as Annie says as Nayu and Silvina are watching too all too aware of what Annie is up to.
Annie merely holds her hands to the cards and without anyone seeing it clearly a white glow is shown but only beings like herself can see it clearly enveloping the cards then calmly takes out two cards placing them before her and another two placing them more in front of her and stopping there telling him she's done.
The gypsy confused continues to watch trying to play professional as Annie reveals the two cards to her left face up showing bad omens.
"this shows my past, a rat symbolic of decieptful ways, people have abused me emotionally and harmfully using me for their own purposes and reasons, this card (points to the next) is the omen, though symbolic to death this card is the reason I moved on, if it wasn't for certain people leaving and dying I would've never woken up and realized the situation I was in was dire, I would never have had my own eyes opened up to the awful life I was currently living, though in what would've been considered contempt was really emotional abuse and horrible living conditions."
Nayu turned away knowing completely what Annie meant by all of it, she had been trying to wake her up but it was all true.
Annie then proceeded to turning over the two in front of her.
"My present. the horse, stallion, symbolic of good health and wealth, well after my awakenings I began to get much healthier and much better living conditions, though many more bumps were along the way I still persisted in my growth and now am much richer than before, this (points to the card with heart and lifts it so he can see) Shows the heart that belongs to the love of my life, that was only brought about when I began to realize my beliefs are far more real than percieved and are better off not pennied but are priceless and indeed something better left off to myself and a select few than others." With that Annie closed her eyes.
The man then took the oppurtunity to realize Annie has yet to take any cards for the future and said.
"BUT WAIT MY DEAR AUDIENCE! THERE IS MORE! My assistance has yet to draw cards for the future!!!"
"What the hell are you talking about selfish man -_-" Annie stated to him as she pulled a card from her pants revealing the same card from the renaissance fair that told the future.
"I already know my future, quite well in fact." She said placing it on the table in the place for the future.
"You sir only do tarots for money, this man did it for the wellbeing of people and in fact came from a lineage of fortune tellers and studied long and hard and told me after I asked a question to pull and card and tell him what did 'I' think it meant to me -_- and no ladies and gentlemen I am NOT this man's assistant."
Everyone stopped as the gypsy asked.
"What does this playing card mean to you?"
"It means, that two hearts split apart by distance, (points to the two of hearts on either sides) are in the end of their trials brought together (brings her fingers together in the card to the center where the two hearts meet) You may have tarot cards, but all you want, is money, not to make people happy, good day. -_-" And with that Annie took her card for the future and walked out Nayu and Silvina nodding knowing Annie had once more succeeded.

Today I've kinda been off myself so I haven't done much
Haven't colored made necklaces
Haven't done much of anything really
  • Mood: Neutral
Anyone know journal skins that can be used without premiums? T_T

Anyways last night proves I do care about my father, DESPITE what a jackass he is
Last night I was in the universe of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and the food was huge, however we met a father and his jackasser of a son!
And his son was about to puke when he decided to use my fathers car as his trash can!!!
When my father objected this boy's father said
"He's my son you won't deny a poor boy a decent (yet obviously rich) place to throw up will you old man?" the father smirked as next thing I know the fat boy pushes my father to the ground Connie rushing to help him me rushing to stop him as he pushes me aside and gets inside the car into the backseat, locks it and hurls.
My dad, despite being a jerk is actually nearly 70 now! The fact that both these guys were willing to harm an old man in an apocolypse is sick!
I considered it apocolypse because everyone was fighting and also, food was everywhere, plus the overtone of the place seemed to emphasize this
I then turned to the boys father who may I add seemed to PRAISE his son!!!
This disgusted me even further as I went to the guy demanding he get his son out, he then headlocked me!
"OH!?~ Whats the whittle girl going to do about it?" he said mocking me!
Okay, this guy AND his kid pissed me off bad now! In the dream I was blowing a fuse bad if I did not control I would wake up soon but I couldn't control it for long as I threw a punch and he caught it, then..... went wolf on a certain neck muscle!
If you know about this neck muscle then you know that one of three events can happen
1: He dies on the spot
2: He passes out
or 3: He screams in literal bloody agony for a few seconds while slowly (to him) Passing out in  the jaws of a literal werewolf which may I add provides stronger grip!
As my knowledge of this certain neck muscle is still varied number 3 is pretty much what happened, when he grabbed my feeble punch he chuckled exposing his neck and I lunged.
His cry of pain however was so loud I nearly awoke too fast, when his son came out as blood gushed I looked at him showing a glare that warned not with a grin but a glare to let him know, he'd be next, the fat boy ran so fast like a little pig as the police finally arrived and I let go and woke up exiting the dream barrier at last.
Personally I'm shocked I even tried to defend my father like that, only one reason allowed me to do it
The situation did not pertain to any of these catagories
Attraction (as in gays or that sort of thing)
or Money

Since none of the situations involved this I therefore felt I had to defend my father if it did I'd let him have it. -.-
  • Mood: Neutral


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