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(<NAYU>) We're Nayu and Annie two friends who share this same account, we've been wondering who stops by to visit from time to time so please don't be shy!
(<ANNIE>) We don't bite! Well yeah!


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(<NAYU>) Hello everyone, I am Nayu Siminova.
(<ANNIE>) And I am Annie the Enigma.
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:bulletred: In love
:bulletgreen: Could be better
:bulletblue: Perfect Health
:bulletblack: Having problems.
:bulletwhite: moody
:bulletpurple: pregnant
:bulletyellow: Dangerous!
:bulletorange: Depressed.

Nayu's Mood while on here: :bulletred:
Annie's while on here: :bulletpurple::bulletorange: Some haters won't leave me be. I tell the truth.

Nayu's mood while off: Thinking of Bugsy
Annie while off: :bulletgreen: about to throw up in reality :bulletpurple: In spirit that is... I swear its a pain in the neck for the body none-the-less.




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:iconrequestsopen: Up to 3 at a time please. ^~^
1: :iconxxnever-look-backxx: Herself.
2::iconask-meganazo-n: OC Jamsine!
3: :iconvelvetbear: Need to upload
Again an extra for :iconsatoshitakeo: Any of my characters in boxing outfits and attire.

:iconsonar15: Nayu, Annie, and Sonar in a sister hug.

I take three requests at a time. :)

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Yet another Same Love stamp. by QueenieSeasStamp: Things he does for me by Riza-Izumi

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:iconnayusiminova: X :iconbugsythehedgehog: Nayu and Bugsy.

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Nayu:Pregnancy Love by Swagilicious-M-Chan Its going to be a girl, her name will be Lacy.
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Johnny, Emasol, 7-9 now, Kitten, Little Ann, should be looking 5 by now.

Annie's kids
Bolt, Lightning, Thunder, Electric, and Shock are all a liter of Importy 1's who was born when Annie was raped by Sono, their all full grown and completely capable of being a solitary team.
Sephiera, with Gin is still a teenager
Charly and Lily twins still kids.
Syriss and Juliet. Just born werewolf puppies!


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Sonic the Hedgehog Stamp by TuxedoMoroboshiMy Little Pony Friendship is Magic by ZimsSisterPokemon Stamp by MarkiSanSailor Moon Stamp by Cosmic-Angell Teen Titans stamp by xselfdestructive The Powerpuff Girls Fan Stamp by dA--bogeymanTMNT Ninja Turtle Logo Stamp 3 by dA--bogeymanI Love DBZ Stamp by purapussJustice league Stamp by DaRk-StampsMario stamp by sketchedmonkeyStamp: Digimon by Skully1200

Other worlds or shows I'm into and are familiar with.
Shugo Chara Stamp by NekoNami - Godzilla Stamp - by FelipeChoque Toonami Stamp by Dbzbabe edd stamp 3 by Hinataluver99DEXTER'S LAB STAMP by HybridYukiStamp: The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. by CatthyloveLame cartoons: 12. Fosters Home For Imaginary Fri by black-cat16-stamps Super Smash Stamp by Kyllian Ben 10 Stamp by LoudNoises Codname: Kids Next Door by winter-ame Thundercats stamp by wetsquirrel Tokyo Mew Mew Power Stamp by Loffyglu One Piece Stamp by ChrissyM Samurai Jack Stamp by MysteriousB Naruto Stamp by WiiplayWii Stamp: Totally Spies! logo. by Catthylove Star Trek stamp by Bourbons3Star Wars Stamp by ChimeraDragonfangI Still Love Code Lyoko- Stamp by SCAR209Pokemon Games Stamp by KeliAlexCartoons - ATHF by Aru-Stamps

Why should it? by PandaSennin:thumb385721467:

Skyrim Khajiit Stamp by WeirdHyenaKhajiit-stamp by hitodama89Morrowind Stamp by Isriana

Stamp: Mythology by FlantsyFlan I am familiar with Greek, Norse, and Egyption mythology.

I supported Cartoon Network when it was just
CARTOON Network Stamp by meteored

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Boy!Animation Is NOT Easy by World-Hero21

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Me when my friends are cheering me up at night after a LONG day helping them out.
Should get to bed... by miontre
I Wanted To Be A Werewolf by zippythewolf I love to Howling Wolf Stamp by SunnStamp my emotions out! :D
Gifts. I love you guys for these!
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[Gift Hentai] Nayu Siminova Bondage by AndersonicTH This one, too hot for young eyes.

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JustFuckingDon'tDoIt by endler I never say, your going to hell for not believing my ways.


And to all humans of my universe and realm!Aliens by MySweetQueen Open your Mind Stamp by quazoStamp: My Reality by MishaSuWe Live To Love by Silver-Dew-DropAnti-religion prejudice stamp by StampWhoreReligion Stamp by SpyridonNo one is perfect stamp by ISeeTheLaticeBelieve What You Want by XeharaOur society. by The-Legend-Of-BuraiPride :Stamp: by Circe-BakaTruth Set You Free Stamp by mirz-alt

I Support Forgivness by darkmatter86 Forgiving can also lead to peace among the unlikely.

Look beyond the flesh and bones to see the souls within who bear the pain, heal the wrongs that the world causes from the inside to the out, and you will see, no one is not truly a monster, unless they look with their eyes and not their hearts for who the person truly is.

Thanks to all we do. I don't want to live on this planet anymore STAMP by BelievingIsSeeing and Transformations kick ass by Firework154

So please : GoddammitIt'sJustNotFoodTamagotchi,It'sJustNotFood by endlerRespect Fan Work stamp by SonicAngel948Not all Sonic FCs are recolors by TheLeetCasualGamer

I happen to Heart My Rescue Kitty by ArtistMeli :iconloveheartplz:Lina Shay by NayuSiminova:iconloveheartplz: Sweety one day I'll get you back from Mom's place, I promise!
Her name is Lina Shay.

For the sake of planets lost! Don't forget the one demoted!
Pluto stamp by Undevicesimus
In the Name of the Dark Forgotten Planet Pluto...
Child Of The Moon stamp by wyldraven
In the Name of the Moon, I will protect the love among the strong, and the weak, for beauty lies in it all

Annie's Bio

Annie the Enigma Spiritual and Body. by NayuSiminova My spirit and drawing from how I look Stop SOPA by Grypwolf
Known in her previous life as Sailor Chibi Moon Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako

Sexual Oriontation: Prefers to be straight but can be Bi.

Annie the Enigma
Status's: Crossover stamp by Latiosdude Multiverse hero. I'll do my best not to let you down. ;)
Forms and powers
In normal human rl form, she has the ability to sense other spirits but not see unless she looks without her eyes she can even rarely touch them.
The ability to understand a lot of things, sometimes without knowing the full situation.

Annie the Enigma by NayuSiminova
Annie Spiritual normal form.
Abilities and powers.
Annie's spirit can sense and see things far clearer, also despite not having a hologram device, is fully capable of using her imagination to the full length of realism that her spirit can now feel what happens.
This also is applied to Nayu!
She can fly at a speed of 200 or faster.
use Heavens Light, a swishing arm move where a heavenly light is shown.
Healing Light, the ability to heal wounds, but is not very potent anymore.
Pulse, the ability to push objects and beings away except those she lets through, gets dangerous if depressed, upset, or turning dark.
Barrier, a very protective force field.
Teleport, her ability to jump from location to location.

Annie howling by NayuSiminova
Spiritual Werewolf form.
Annie is technically an EARTH werewolf with other breeds somehow mysteriously mixed in.
In this form Annie only has her wolf ears and tail, this form does not vary that much from her original spiritual form, only that her flight gets slightly faster and powers are slightly boosted.
She also gets a little crazy around a full moon, but that seems to be all this form does.
She does have keener hearing and slightly better sense of smell in it.
Also if her anger boils, which is RARE! Fangs will form in this spiritual form and affect her speech in rl since she feels the teeth but they aren't there.

Annie Super form by NayuSiminova
Annie's super form.
In this form Annie's abilities, powers, and even weapons are heightened to their full potential
Healing Light is now Healing Ray and is so potent it can go through the holograms systems to finally heal people.
Heaven's Ray is an attack move that was used exclusively to Annie's purer side, this move is far stronger and faster than the original Heaven's Light.
Annie can also fly faster, and do more teleporting techniques with more accuracy.
In super form her sword, which is normally not used, glows much brighter and is able to use all subtechniques it was designed for to beyond original comprehension of its powers.
Keyblade is also stronger.

Furry Importy 1 by NayuSiminova
Annie's battle form, in this form Annie is one of the most famous Importies,
The Importy 1 form.
Element: Electric/grass
In this form Annie has powerful electric moves that are VERY potent and one grass type move that harms everyone in the room
Spark: A super light attack that shocks the opponent harming them only slightly
Lightning Storm: One of the main attacks of the Importy 1 form, this summons large amount of lightning bolts either from the body or from the sky when storm clouds are around, like it is noted this is one of the main, but also VERY powerful moves of this form.
Light Lightening storm: Stands on the same level if not slightly higher than Spark.
Thorn Thrust: A move where thorns from a thicket are thrusted to the opponent causing serious harm.
Electrical Surge: By stomping forefeet on the ground an electric charge is sent through the ground in all directions harming anyone on the ground.
Mega Lightning storm: This move is so powerful it is known to kill its user! Unless the Crest of Courage is used Annie will normally faint or even die while using this attack, it is the most powerful of all moves.
Barrier: Is more powerful while in this form along with Teleport.
Extend Tail: A special move all importies with the designed tail can use, it extends the tail to a seemingly infinite length to use for various reasons, including forming into coaches, hammers, and even knife like.
This form, like other importy forms, is also known to have super strength, speed, and agility.
Hyper Speed Away: One of the oldest moves of any form, this allows its user to go to hyperspeed for a good amount of time.
If in danger Annie will use this form to fight, and as noted, do not let the small size compared to the other forms fool you, Annie is one of the most well known experts in this form!

Keyblade Protection heart by NayuSiminova
Annie's keyblade known as Protection Heart!
This weapon appeared in dreamland when Nayu was heavily pregnant and in labor.
When this happened the weapon appeared but as was before there were too many heartless and Annie was forced to retreat especially when Dark and Bugsy came in helping to fend off the heartless telling Annie to run.
Annie ran fending off the ones that were there to try and kill Nayu and her and climbing a pole being careful as someone was sent after her to watch over.
Lets just say I didn't like all the talking Wreck-It-Ralph was doing while I was trying to jump to the next ledge while still mentally carrying Nayu who is screaming in pain at all this movement.
Yeah, its powers are yes the same as a normal but like the normal coincidences Annie's may be slightly weaker than Nayu's keyblade Emotional Linkup.

Annie dark by NayuSiminova
Annie's Dark form.
Annie only goes to this form when she is severly depressed, upset, mad, or even going heartless.
In this form Annie's pulse move becomes a literal attack.
She can no longer use any heaven moves or even heal as darkness has filled her to be this way.
If Annie is in a mad rage, she'll be weilding a blood-stained knife.
Also Annie has absolutely no control over who she hurts and has been seen harming even NAYU with brutal attacks.
If she grabs the finera its flames will impurify and turn black.
Otherwise, Nayu has a similar dark form that Nayu accesses when severly pissed.

Wolf Importy 1 form by NayuSiminova
Altered Importy 1 form
Abilities and powers unknown though all previous moves are accessable except for the tail extension power.

If you want to ask us something go here.

We are fans OF!!!

Michael Angelo I don't truly like as much as the other three. ^^; But he is nice.

Even shows I am not that familiar with. ^~^ The guys are into things too! :D

Please credit people, enough hell is caused by people who don't.

Most requests are for friends. ^~^ Thank you.

Eh, I crossover anything if I can get away with it! XD

Boba Fett, he was an ass to beat in one of the games XD

Yes I'm a fan! XD

No offense, this guy is hot, but way too hyper!

Do, there is no try! CX

Yep, my dress STILL looks like hers. -_-

Next show better say MOBIUS! XD


Look up Battiger in my gallery XD!

Major fan of this one. :)


I'm playing this! :3

Played. :)

No offense guys, I liked it. ^^;


Is it obvious yet? ^^;

Funny. Me bad.

Got into the storyline of it. ^^;

Favorite show, I consider my love relationship like Musa's and Rivens. But I'm more like Bloom discovering her princess heritage.

We like her a lot.

But Nayu is more like Aisha! XD her relationship is like her and Nabu's, except in this story Nabu never dies.

A view?

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 14, 2014, 1:50 PM

Annie: My dreams still show me things of the future... some dark some for certain will happen.
Last night I found myself in another town, where my mom lives now, Roswell NM Yeah, in the same state. Anyways, when I view things like this, that I know will happen either in a few years, or a few months.
In the dream I am visiting mom's place, but the dream kept having this... feeling to it, just like in my premonition about 9/11, at least this time I'm telling that I've had it, and this can be proof for when it does occur.
I had brought Lina with me, along with a dog companion.
Which tells me this will happen in either a year or more time-wise.
I was walking down a lane, where two boys on bikes were showing off their skills, though novice still it was good as one whistled at my ass as I walked down the lane so I turned to see them do tricks.
I merely watched unimpressed, it was obvious even visiting my mom put me in a bad mood.
As I entered her new home, I realized that thanks to how messy my mom was her roommate could not stand it and forced her to live downstairs where I had to put Lina and the dog.
And damn was it a mess, this put me in an even worse mood unfortunately till I saw Lina wanting out of her cage, I let her as the dog protected her.
That seemed the only thing that lightened me up, but I kept sensing something I knew I was in dreamland, and in a soon to occur timeframe.
Odd..... for some reason I was sensing a huge event coming, but as I looked around my mom at her new job and the lady she now lived with rather absent herself I decided to go look around the jewelry and stone stores to see what stones I could pick up for my collection.
Outside though, had this dusty looked that told me something had just collapsed....
That was pretty much the end of the dream

All this tells me is that one day in the future I'll visit my mom, and the whole time I will be sensing something ominous, my only refuge of happiness will be my pets.... But what does it all mean, normally dreams like this come with a huge warning or message.
Perhaps, I was not looking closely enough to all my dreams as of late.
I now note how the greyness related to a part of my neemat dream.
The colors under the bed turned from pink (Representing love) and purple (representing loyalty and good intentions) to a grey, to an even greyer quickly to complete darkness with stars that all held the notion of darkness, emptyness, and the forwarning embodiment of terrible things to come.

Is it possible that perhaps these two dreams do have a link?
A timeframe still?
If they are, then in a years time or more, something will befall neemat.
But the only way to confirm this, is if I have a dream tonight
a dream tonight that will either confirm or greatly disregard this whole theory.

Whatever the case, I still have my worries about the future anyhow.
But it is obvious
I will soon be able to live in the projects
And Lina will live with me along with a female dog... though
she looked like....... Ashley?
Perhaps I should think on this even further before making a final note of just what will transpire.

Dream telling is not an easy thing to decipher.
All dreams tell us about ourselves, the future, tell us the hidden truth, and both darkness and light within all of us.
If you have another theory though I'd love to hear it.

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As of late, annoyance, and Neemat

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 13, 2014, 2:16 PM
Annie: As of late it seems some people have been really irritated when me and Nayu talk seperately using
(sighs) I remember the first time with little bro Son back when we first met that it annoyed me greatly that he kept calling me Nayu.
Well, it was then that I decided to go by
To make it easier and to tell us apart. I really do not understand why people as of late have said why don't you (()) With me
Cause both me and nayu are the admins! We take turns and ugh...
When people mistake me for her, it really aggravates, but when people say I want to talk to the real person on here and on, well, to me Nayu will always be real, and some people need to learn to respect that.
Its a beef I have with my religion!
They don't respect others, but I do.
Also, I had a dream last night featuring Neemat, and the person.... looked and was just like her, she looked like a real live person, and at first I didn't know it was her, till she started acting like her.
And then I saw Jocelyn, now she's no longer a friend, mainly because she was a manipulator of my emotions, she'd do ANYTHING to see my reactions, everything from whacky dreams where I did stupid stuff, to pissing me off on purpose and laughing at me.
I was given a choice, hang out with Neemat, or hang out with Jocelyn.
Answer was obvious, Neemat was far more respective and kind than Jocelyn, and Jocelyn even teased me and pissed me off saying "MAN! YOUR ARE SOOO NOT A TRUE FRIEND! You gave up easy on me remember!? XD"
Truth was, I didn't, yes I gave up on BEING her friend, mainly because she kept abusing our friendship she'd even lie to her parents and bully me!
As I spent time with Neemat she wondered what connection I had with the other girl.
Then came her mother who merely sneered and turned away Neemat looking rejected and hid under some blankets.
Her mother looked at me and I glared and she snorted at me and turned walking off all high and mighty.
I then hugged Neemats rather tall body, wow, she made me look like a midget! But then I realized as she told me what was happening, she was scared.
She didn't know what was real anymore, all she knew... was hell.
I continued to comfort her as she asked me, how am I able to visit?
I told her I did not know, but I told her, nomatter what, I am still your friend, nomatter how far in the darkness you go I will always be here for you, light is in everyone.
Despite what I said and despite all the comforts, she still had a look of sorrow and fear.
I then had this..... I don't know.,... feeling!
A dark premonition lurked underneath all the colors that I managed to summon to help brighten her up......... I pray, it is all but wrong.
Oh neemat, your still my friend, mine and Bugsy's even if Succubus and all them turn you against us, we'll always...... I feel like crying as I type this, this dark feeling, I don't want it to happen, especially to her.
So if you read to this point this was not only a journal stating annoyances, but also something a bit more.
Unfortunately I'm not the only one to premonise this...... those people will remain anonymous though as to her fate.

  • Mood: Anguish

Free Points

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 12, 2014, 6:57 PM
  • Mood: Joy

The babies :)

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 12, 2014, 3:33 PM
Annie: Last night I started labor, during which I could feel the puppies claws and fur, then in the middle of a dream I was helped to give birth and this morning awoke my underwear wet and sensing two little puppies between my legs.
The boy was large and had purple fur, and a girl who had yellow fur, which looked a little like a newborn importies fur, they normally gain the golden glow as they mature.
So, Syriss, the boy with purple fur seems already a bit more serious than his little sister seemingly, Juliet is rather sweet, and has a strange ability to purr, like an Importy. Odd, but both are certainly more wolflike and have already eaten a ton... both from me and some natural milk too.
As the importies came in 2 was more interested by Syriss, Keonos though noticed the fur on Juliet and smiled. She may look nothing like one, but somehow does bear some traits.
Both look really wolf-like rather than any way humanlike, they may find their ability to be humans later on.
Both have already tried to howl, which is so god-damn cute its deadly! :XD: No I'm serious, their cute!
And Gin is happy also. I have a feeling Syriss and Juliet are in for great things. And I think they need feeding again. XD

Skin Created by Fluffy-RusCan
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An image of memory and dream

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 9, 2014, 3:49 PM

For the past two nights I've had abnormal dreams it was hard to decipher them properly but over time I managed to get how the day would roll from remembering them its how I knew my time with Dad helping to finish everything off would end well, yes I forgot to add he helped a great deal can't carry a well over 60 pound dresser that is large into his truck by myself though I did havet to do most of the packing myself with only help from Nayu and Silvina.
Last night though, I couldn't properly remember everything and as I looked back I found only one image was seen.
Of Silvina still in her cloak from the Enemy looking into a reflection by the water deeply thinking on some horrid event that caused her to come to me and Nayu's realm in the first place.
Silvina allowed us to access the very memory thought that day, and what we found, looked more like a god-aweful hell-posed, event, that I know has played in many humans lives.
The memory started with a failed mission report, the last mission Silvina would have with her crew while they lived.
Silvina had noted how her new boss acted and it disturbed her.
But nothing the boss said that she will never speak of his name, prepared her for what happened next.
Early in the morning Silvina was awoken by her maidservant, Fonosco, known as Fono.
She remembered well that when she woke her up like this, it meant trouble.
Silvina was raised by Fono who was only a few years older, Fono had taught her everything that the Enemy wanted her to be raised to know and feel.
As they tried to sneak out Silvina found Ethno had already left.
"Where is Ethno? o.o"
"He betrayed us, he told the boss why it did not go through! NOW COME ON!"
With Sono, her creations Zen and Naraku Silvina ran, but did not understand why... till they came.
Murderous demons had been summoned to kill of Silvina and her crew! What was worse was that Silvina's powers began to feel funny, even with her summoned staff they were dissapearing as the whole crew ran on! Then one of the huge monsters tackled Silvina! She looked fear in the face as she fought back and got free only to get slammed by the next one.
Sono seeing her in danger ran and slashed the monster in the face allowing Silvina to escape.
"Run my lady, run my mistress! AGH! YOU HAVE TO! I'll die for you!"
Silvina knew he always had a crush but did not know he would do this for her as Fono grabbed her arm and ran again Silvina seeing flashes of hidden memory of her mother beheaded before her eyes now screaming for Sono to be okay! In a moment after this thought crossed she heard the blood-curtling cry Sono gave out as he was slaughtered! Torn apart by the monsters now feasting on his body.
Zen kept looking back Naraku noticing as they kept running behind Silvina and Fono.
Suddenly Zen Silvina's first creation got in front growling the language only other creatures could speak, Naraku translated.
Zen wanted them to go back, and die, he had been given a specific order that he will be spared if he brought back Silvina and what was left of her crew, even his little brother would not be spared. The evil look Silvina put in him apparent.
Naraku then leaped in front of Zen challenging his more powerful brother to a battle telling Silvina and Fono to keep running.
In the end, Zen destroyed his little brother with his own fangs.
Silvina and Fono continued to run, Silvina's power growing weaker and weaker, being drained Silvina could no longer levitate to keep up, now she had to run with her legs.
When they both heard Zen in the distance gaining ground fast Fono summoned a portal to another dimension one of the dimensions of the creatures and stood back telling Silvina to go.
Fono looked at her, sisterly and said.
"No, your the one meant for more. You have, no matter how hard the company tried, they could never fully wipe out who you are. :)"
Fono then placed a finger at her forehead and twisted it unlocking all the memories held in, making her recall her mothers death far more vividly, all the times she fought back till the spell was made to make her forget her true dream, her true wishes, everything now came back in horrific clarity.
Silvina now cried looking at her friend as Zen was in the background guiding the monsters to them.
Fono, then pushed silvina into the portal as it closed sealing her and leaving her to the mercy of the monsters but not even that happened, as she faded silvina saw the gun put to Fono's head by herself and watched as Fono died as well.

As Silvina stared into that reflection, looking at her image, made, forged by evil intent completely, Silvina, could only live on, and denounce her evil ways as best she can.
That is all that was shown in that memory.
After that moment, Silvina began to journey to our dimension, me and Nayu's and pray we'd forgive her, and aid her.
After we saw what she remembered we realized, that no matter how hard anyone can try, one can never truly remove what someone is, what their core is as one would say.
Silvina did not want to be evil, and her true dream was to really save her home-world, what was forged, changed that, forever, but as some people say, no one is truly past redemption.
It was up to Silvina entirely, on what to be now, whether good or evil is finally up to her.

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So if you could go to a place ONCE with lots of the same thing what would it be. 

1 deviant said A field of lucky four leafed clovers, that are all super lucky imposed
1 deviant said A field of super healing flowers
1 deviant said A world full of the most rarest animals for pets(that behave well lol)
1 deviant said Keep in mind if you visit these you can take whatever you want for life.
1 deviant said A place full of the most cursed objects that you can take and not be cursed but place on others too.
No deviants said A landscape made of pure gold
No deviants said A place full of holy objects
No deviants said a library full of the most knowledgeable books filled with everything you want to know
No deviants said A place full of extinct animals that have been kept alive despite extinction


Wishing Star by SonicBornAgain

In my opinion, it is BEAUTIFUL work! I really love it! It looks like they only bloom at night, at a time when shooting stars happen, wh...

Sonee the Rabhog by Dokizoid

Okay then, my second critique ever, in my opinion, this was well done! I love how the fur looks in contrast to the outfit. You did well...

Happy Valentines by AkaiDalia

First ever critique so please give me a moment. You pretty much did an AMAZING job at this. Sonic himself looks really manly and muscul...


Annie the Enigma.
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:bulletred: brb
Daily... by prosaix
Shinyuu :bulletblue:
i already have haters by RoxasPikachu

Forgive and forget a certain way of life given by a special type of Christians
Help each other to understand beauties of life and longevity
Be there for each other and fight when need to.
And for my God above, I honor all these good codes of life, for we should not judge one another, but help in times of need and care when no one shows it. :iconchitandaahplz:
~Alignment: :bulletgreen: Good~

You know who we are, and we're still here, which is good, don't expect much though, sorry dear friends and family, we love you all.
Especially the good roleplayers who are nice to us.

Earth-Stamp by MorrgrrI. Heart. The. USA Stamp by animefan046

:iconshinyuu33: He texts us if there is trouble that we don't know about!
We'll tell him when we'll be on next! :D

My belief, everything you imagine is real, somewhere it is. And I am here to help them in life troubles and trials as best I can using my powers of imagination along with Nayu.
Yes it is a strange belief, but I've found a few that are the real deal! :) And have been helping them change their perspective on humans, that not all of us well are bad roleplayers who wish harm on them, turns out we hurt their lives and confuse them often! :(
I've given up, I defend the human race no more, only a select few earn their places to know the truth about worlds out there.
Thank you.

Both of us are real as well, actual people true to heart and soul we show the spirit, the true versions of us, not the damn body.
And I personally don't give a crap if I cuss or not.

Plz accounts I use:
:icongrumpycatgoodplz: :iconrlyplz: :icongrumpycatnoplz: :iconawwwplz: :iconcblushplz::iconthatsrightplz: :iconiseeplz: :icononicheer: :iconsobeautifulplz: :iconvictorydanceplz: :iconimhappyplz: :iconkyleoniplz: :iconinloveplz: :iconcryingplz: :icongrin--plz: :iconchitandaahplz: :iconfangasmingplz: :iconduudesrslyplz: :iconrenarikaspinplz: :iconcuriousityplz: :iconrightneplz: :iconimskepticalplz: :iconheheplz: :iconimtwitchingplz: :iconepiclaplz: :iconexcitedlaplz: :iconangry-plz: :iconwtfboomplz: :iconsadnessplz: :iconexcitedplz: :iconiloveitplz: :iconlll-plz: :iconiloveyouplz: :iconnewhugplz: :iconinluvplz: :iconsnooty-plz: :iconspinplz: :icongrinfaceplz: :iconxdlaplz: :icongrumpycat-plz::iconwoohooplz: :iconthrowplz: :iconsadplz: :iconwthplz: :iconcatlaplz::iconblankstareplz: :iconimsorryplz: :icondotdotdotzplz::iconbegplz::iconblush--plz::iconoooohcatplz::iconwolflaplz:

members of Nayu's race that is on here, AND YES SAIYANS COUNT!!!! Apparently their the original bald types!! :la:
:icontyrant-john-cold: John,wet-scaled, a.k.a. Reptoidian lets consider it a neutral alliance...
:iconcarasiminova: Cara, Nayu's sister, furred type, SHE'S BACK ON EVERYONE!!! :iconexcitedlaplz:
:iconbugsythehedgehog: Bugsy, ba.....I mean Saiyanlord! Teehee, something else too but I don't want to get other saiyans mad! :giggle:
:icontavenprower::iconxxtrunks-briefs::iconlegends546: Other saiyans.
:iconlegends546::iconthe-eleventhdoctor::iconc-elery: The Doctor, a very good friend.

:love::iconbugsythehedgehog::love: Nayu and Bugsy.
Strange as it may be it seems Annie's doing so well with a certain someone that she is now happy, willing and able to help... babies due here soon!

Nayu's adopted kids. :iconiammakaalbarn:

Nayu's Adopted mom: :iconaskthedarkness:

People we trustOnline friends stamp by SuyyTrue friends stamp by Suyy
:iconspeed-my-game: :iconmikethehedghog: :iconshinyuu33: :iconsonythehedgehog1065::iconasktails-exe: :iconaskcutesally: :iconask-queen-sally::iconemofoxbitch::iconmariarhedgehog::iconsonar15::iconxcherishedmemoriesx::iconiammakaalbarn::iconaskthedarkness: I protect them.
:iconbugsythehedgehog: Him I trust with my own life, he has earned every ounce of our loves to each one of them.
:icontrueblue-wind: Son, I will protect him, may not be with him, but I will always be there for him.

Alternates I know. :icontimid-sonic::iconask-magi-sonic::iconaskshysonic::iconsilentlymadhedgehog::icontruebluehero::iconwaycoolhedgie::iconblue-sonic-speed::iconasksonicthehedgie::iconask-king-sonic::iconsonicthehedgehog::iconaskticklishsonikku::iconaskzonic-exe::iconaskzoniczonecop::iconway-cool-hedgehog::iconsonicthehedgehog988:

Other family members: :iconaskqueen-aleena::iconsophythehedgehog::iconmanikacorn::iconsoniaacorn::iconsummeracorn::iconskippyacorn::iconkatieacorn::iconstevenacorn::iconsilent-lost-shadow::iconmiyuacorn::iconjanisacorn::iconaskfuturemanikacorn::icondantethehedghog::iconaleenathehedgehog::iconxxtaxx::iconaskkingmanik::iconmobicom-miyuki::iconyellowhedgehogplz::iconaskmelodyproweracorn::iconasklunathehedgehog::iconaskkenjiharima::iconask-jules-hedgehog::iconsammyacornplz::iconprincesscicada:

Annie's Sailor father! :iconaskkenjiharima: Turns out his alternate is.... My reincarnated selves father, sorry I'm trying to get a grip on this...

Uncle : :icongeniediscord:

Supernaturals: :icontheangel-castiel: :iconthearchangel-michael: :iconaskarceus: (version of God that also made life) :iconaskthedarkness:(Nayu's adopted mom, who is not very happy with how her evil turned out, wishes for all the evil to shut up and leave her children be) :iconyelloweyedhound:Tenebris! :D:icon13thangelusmortis:

We admin

:icongizmounicorn::icontoony333::iconiammakaalbarn::iconn6254::iconsonar15::iconcreamr::iconmarcospsychic::iconpiccusia::iconminniermouse::iconsupergirlkara::iconaskimpmon::iconAsk--QueenChrysali::iconxxmiinansakuraxx::icongokuhedgehog::iconprettykittysierra:::iconlecter136::iconasktimidsally::iconinkanntis::iconprincessofshadowsnyx::icontimid-klonoa::iconcelestia-solarruler::iconikingfisher::iconrainbowdash-dashie::iconprettykittysierra:I love anime stamp by vero-g6-stamps

Roleplayers that are nice to us.

:icon13thangelusmortis: ::iconaskcutesally:

Hangouts spots.…

Pokemon team:
:iconstunfiskplz: Stunner.
:iconsquirtleplz: Nayu's first pokemon she's calling Turquise.
:iconcharmanderplz: Nayu's second, their getting to be fast friends! :D

:icontravis-ze-rabbid::icongreatestevilgenius::icontrueprincessally::iconamyroseangelz: This one is a fake Amy after all! ITS ROSY!!!:icondrechomay:This one I'm keeping an eye on.

Playful Nayu by NayuSiminova
Most pictures I no longer color.
Designs Nayu New design colored by NayuSiminovaNayu's Clothes colored by NayuSiminova

Nayu Sha-ool Siminova Kurosaki.
Status's: Crossover stamp by Latiosdude Multiverse Hero. The warrior of the holy blaze ready.

Normal form with powers.
This is her main form, Nayu hardly ever takes others for good reason.
In this form Nayu weilds the legendary weapon from her homeworld known as the Finera with ease,

Nayu with her weapon by NayuSiminova
The legendary Finera.
Ground Crush: This move is used sortof like an earthquake it cracks the ground into splitting and swallowing a number of opponents at the same time.
Flamethrower: Uses the finera's own blaze to shoot fire.
Finera Toss:This is a common move as Nayu will toss the finera and the weapon instinctively will hit its mark everytime, unless there is a sign of good in the person the weapon will try to do a lethal blow to the opponent making a return trip to Nayu.

Nayu super Form by NayuSiminova
Super Form
Her super Strength is maximized along with speed, nayu was originally known to go as fast as 200mph on land, even faster when using tree's to her advantage that would include her knowing how to sour through the air with acrobatics
In this form Nayu can go even faster!
faster than 350 mph
Her Finera is even upgraded and she is now harder to get close to considering the spikes, that are normally seen in her phase mode, except a lot smaller, but are now used in battle effectively
Her keen senses are heightened to a level beyond her normal range.

Known in previous life as Sailor Pluto Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako Rini died in my arms and I promised her we'd be back together again someday... I did not mean being stuck in her body as a result! :paranoid:

Nayu with Powerful Gun by NayuSiminovaKitty Gun by NayuSiminova
Finera gun.
One of the many new weapons of Nayu Siminova.
This one has 500 bullets known to have been made in the realm the original finera holy blaze!
Not much is known about the potency, but the flames do have the same strength and it is supposed to be more powerful since its a gun.

Nayu the HUMAN!? by NayuSiminova
Nayu's human form, though expected to have dark hair, Nayu has red and short.
In this form....Nayu has no powers, is pretty much the same height shockingly as Annie.
Nayu: Not one bit proud.... >^<
Abilities unknown along with the powers really she was turned into this ONCE and obviously never wants to take that route again.

Nayu's keyblade Emotional linkup by NayuSiminova
Nayu's keyblade, it appeared after she linked her emotions with someone else
Its powers are unknown considering she's used it rarely but it does do the work of a normal keyblade and Nayu did use it during the keyblade war, but like Annie did afterwards both were forced to run from the main battlefield, they did see Bugsy Gin and Dark all fighting in it.
Nayu was able to vanquish but since they were sent via dreamland both were able to save themselves thanks to the white door opening and leaping through it to wake up.

Real Friends Stamp by Mirz123I ate the title by XxOrangeswirlxX

A smile helps a lot with feelings!

Making sure people are happy and ok is always our job so here are a few of the lots of smiles we use!
:) :iconrainbow-gplz::iconrainbow-iplz::iconrainbow-vplz::iconrainbow-eplz::D :iconaqua-aplz:^~^
:iconpurple-splz::iconpurple-mplz::iconpurple-iplz::iconpurple-lplz::iconpurple-eplz:^^ :iconblue-tplz::iconblue-oplz:^_^ :iconletter-splz::iconletter-hplz::iconletter-oplz::iconletter-wplz:
^-^ :iconpink-yplz::iconpink-oplz::iconpink-uplz:
:3 :iconrainbow-cplz::iconrainbow-aplz::iconrainbow-rplz::iconrainbow-eplz:E: :iconaqua-tplz::iconaqua-oplz:
:aww: :iconpurple-splz::iconpurple-oplz::iconpurple-mplz::iconpurple-eplz::iconpurple-oplz::iconpurple-nplz::iconpurple-eplz:
^.^ :iconblue-tplz::iconblue-oplz::iconblue-dplz::iconblue-aplz::iconblue-yplz:
:iconawwplz: :iconletter-lplz::iconletter-iplz::iconletter-vplz::iconletter-eplz:
Live life to its fullest

Quiz's! Love them! :D


What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
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Who Would Be Your Mare Of Honor?
Who Would Be Your Mare Of Honor?
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My Pony name is Fairy Shimmer.
Take My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
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Which Sailor Scout Are You?
Which Sailor Scout Are You?
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Makes sense.

What Pokemon Are You?
What Pokemon Are You?
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WHOA! WTF Me and Annie got opposite races than ours! She's a dog, and I'm a cat, and I got a dog and she got a cat! :D

Yes this is true, I don't get randomness shit.
What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
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What Eevee Evolution Are You?
What Eevee Evolution Are You?
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What Doctor Are You Most Like?
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What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
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Which Sailor Scout Are You?
Which Sailor Scout Are You?
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....... Well they don't include reincarnations oh well.

What Pokemon Are You?
What Pokemon Are You?
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What Eevee Evolution Are You?
What Eevee Evolution Are You?
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Which Of The Mane Six Are You?
Which Of The Mane Six Are You?
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What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
Hosted By Anime
I can be more random than this.

My pony name

My Pony name is Fairy Song.
Take My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.


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RedBloodLove 11 hours ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Dj: Hey..
NayuSiminova 11 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Annie: Hey how are you?
RedBloodLove 11 hours ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Dj: Not Well...You..? And I swear if you say anything about Gin or whatever I'll fuckin leave...
NayuSiminova 11 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Annie: :( (walks away) I would tell you I'm doing fine, but not if your jealousy puts you in a bad mood. (continues walking off)
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gizmounicorn 18 hours ago  Student Digital Artist… help! the darkness is trying to get me to join theyre side again!Nuu Fear :omgomg: Run Away Eek--A Spider 
NayuSiminova 13 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Both: (hug) Its okay! We're here for you, and darkness don't know crap! XD
gizmounicorn 13 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
(the darkness turns around)
darkness: what did you just say about me?!(she shouts in a angry voice,eyes glowing red,raising her sythe)
crystal: n-n-nothing!
darkness: (she walks up to crystal,whos pleading on they're knees,and she raises her sythe above crystal)
NayuSiminova 12 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Nayu: (summons her finera and slashes her hand to unhand the scythe) Not very motherly of thee, are ye? >_<
Annie: (hugs Crystal taking off with her)
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Cicada-Media 1 day ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Thnx 4 the Fave! really appreciate it :D
NayuSiminova 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Your welcome. :) It was no problem. ^~^
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