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I'm feeling a lot better but now I have to prepare for the big sale coming up.
Gotta make bracelets and earrings.
Avoiding Dad is good
me and Bugsy are hanging on along with help from Shinyuu too.
Trying to get things for my house though so I can't stay on long.
See you soon. :)
Moved in, Dad found out then well.... lets say he made me feel so low that I nearly went completely suicidal.
I reserved a spot at a hotel and that is when everything went wrong had to tell dad and well he blew up and said some REALLY bad things about bugsy.
I wounded up trying to turn him off.
Now we're returning the ticket however, I'm still not giving up, what he said one of them at the time I felt so low I wasn't sure what was the truth or not anymore.
So I wasn't sure if he was telling the truth on wanting to know Bugsy later or not. But then again, what I do know is that Dad does NOT want to know Bugsy he didn't 3want to back then, doesn't want to now.
Funnier thing, we tried twice to return the ticket, first time they were closed, second time there since I paid with cash they did not have enough to pay me back paid 195 dollars I had hard earned from every sale.
But I know the third time will sadly be the charm because as soon as they get enough (whenever that is :/ sadly since not many pay with cash... I'm not sure when it is I'll get my refund... I live in a small town after all) I was still crushed I miss having internet and Dad was so mad at me he removed all my money from the bank, I'm not that upset just that what dad said about Bugsy.
Yes he's helped me, supported me going into the new house and all, but... I'm not sure what to think anymore.
I've got Cottonwood coming up so I'm just making earrings and bracelets for it, I told Bugsy everything but I miss hearing his voice so clear over Skype, seeing his face and everything.
Sure I have Lina but for the first few days I was sick, I couldn't sleep well, I was scared, I missed everyone here and couldn't just take how Dad treated my beliefs still when I stayed at his house it was bad still Sam understood even as Connie tried to tell things along with Dad.
I got in a few fights and now am just. Tired. I don't want to fight anymore, I'm doing whatever Dad tells me and even Sam is helping me, he knows how I feel.
Mom is helping too and Bugsy, he's telling me to stay strong, I guess for now I'm weak. But not weak enough not to admit it.
And that is a strength.
Bugsy and I talk every night, I understand him, and now we heal each other. I talk to Shinyuu still.
And I miss all of you too.
Every one of you.
Its hard to rest sometimes Lina is now estatic at living with me.
She's even now waking me up in the middle of the night now. >.< But yeah.
So for now oh by the way
Been gone 2 days
over 500 messages due to the clubs I'm in!!!!!
Despite now finding a way to sleep well I'm having difficulty keeping everything clean. I miss living at the motel until I can get wifi at my house guys...
See you then...
Love you all so much.
Okay then let me be brief I am doing a lot of things at once
So Cam has deactivated that is big news as far as I am aware no one has confirmed whether or not it was a ban
Second my move was a success and I even have had Lina move in with me
third I do not have Wifi or internet at my apartment
The place is wonderful to live at now if only I could get to sleep in
Fourth and this is humongous news for EVERYONE
....... I finally have purchased the tickets to go see Bugsy and will be leaving on the 7th of next month while my dad is away during the 3rd-12.
I will be leaving from the 7th-12th unfortunately and apparently there IS no dodging the fact that my dad will find out that I had to do this behind his back I am working on the hotel right now while I am on at the computer at the library I am only on here for an hour then I am switching to my other computer which has a lifespan of about two hours for talking with Bugsy on skype which I am working on.
Finally I also am bored since I don't have a tv and also have some movies that are played on my other computer (which may I add are few so I'm renting from here) So there you go I'm sometimes bored which gives me plenty of time to color and draw also.
Plus since I have lina back she has been keeping me company, it took her a while to realize she is now living with me completely! :D She is really happy and so am I.. unfortunately moving in.... has taken one huge ass bite out of my money which is why I was glad I took back my check from the motel when I did, it took every single penny to get in here.
So from now on I may just be coming here until I can get the wifi or internet hookup at my home but having company means I do not have to be so lonely now. Best part... for some reason Lina is not as weirded out by my howling or stuff as I thought she would be. ^_^
However when I talked to Bugsy she did take an interest to that XD can't wait till I figure it out. But one step at a time I guess. Till then I will finally be getting to my messages and other things before heading back out again and unpacking more stuff. :)
See you guys later.
Also living with dad was hell again I'm going to be leaving him with a message cause its obvious when he gets back I still won't be back. :(
However I do have one hitch... Lina, Dad was the one with the backup key so I have to talk to the people to let him in while I'm gone so he can take care of her... >.< Thats about the only problem I have.
Guys I have yet to hook up the wifi at my place so when I move in I won't have wifi or internet for a long time... sorry. :(
Also I'm dealing with issues with my dad bad times.
I'm living back at my dads place for a few days only
I have closed a chapter in my life I have dubbed my life at a motel
What I have done there
Dealt with my further changes of being a werewolf
What I should've done
Punch my dad for all his slander against his own religion and god
What I'm glad or somewhat glad I've not done
Not punched him -.- yeah its an iffy
Proud of
Living on my own and walking around more freely enjoying free wifi, buying my own food and supplies at my own expense and howling exploring what I want whenever I wished.
Not proud of.
The fact I got in here when someone needed it possibly more than I did
Why? Well simple, while I enjoyed a quick bath last night I realized much to what Dad stated about how desperate my current condition is, I know and well know for a fact that perhaps there are people out there who can't enjoy the luxury of a hot bath like I can at that moment, the money (even little) to buy food, or even afford (even if little again) To buy a roof over their head.
One may say damn modesty issues to the greatest of extent here but I say bs.
However I will state this, as Dad drove me to the projects I told God the only way I'd accept this, was if it was just to my liking, and it turns out it was either this place or an effectionsy place.
However when I walked in, turned out, the place was pristine perfect. A spot to watch the sunrise I always wanted, a place where Lina could be with me, a spot where I have more space than I could dream of you name it.
I almost knelt and cried at how beautiful it was, but stopped myself when I thought how selfish I was, maybe I did deserve it, if I didn't, lina would suffer, so would I even worse.
God answered my prayers but I felt in both a good and bad way, by making me cheat.
Still, all of this is happening so quick and fast, in a matter of days I will move there set up wifi and be able to work better with my cat and be able to keep my promise not only to her but Bugsy as when I came here Sam showed me the greyhound and guess what, if I purchase the ticket I have enough to buy it ahead of time.
There you go, things are finally looking up for me. I can't believe it myself. I've been through so much this past year.
I've had hordes of haters after me doing whatever making me feel low, I've also been bashed by my own father and had my boyfriend called things by him.
Also I've had to deal with deaths of friends and other things.
Its not been easy.
And yet I can't help but feel sorry for the real person in first place, what was his/her story? All everyone states is, maybe he/she dropped out along with the next person.
and my dreams have barely been a comfort as until last night when I set free someone only for them to open a gateway to a white door and woke up one minute exact before my alarm went off then got up and finished packing whatever was left in my room and after dealing with the projects packing whatever was left in my motel room that I have lived in for nearly an entire year, I now consider this chapter closed.
Heck I even have a garden!
Sure there's no carpet but I'll make due then I'll be going to see Bugsy as soon as I'm settled in then after that.. well I'm building more plans, only those closest know those plans. :)
Thanks to all my friends who supported me all this time I couldn't've made it this far without the aid of any of you.. in fact what would I be without people like you. ^~^
Also tonight I'm going to see
Guardian of the Galaxy :)
Also it turns out I forgot to work on someones necklace oh man I'm working on it as much as I can while here at Dads but unfortunately, since I had to pack quick, all my stuff is in a lot of various boxes. XD
Also if I'm not online for several days its cause I've still got a LOT to do for my house.
which includes setting up wifi, washing machine and dryer, moving a lot of furnature, uh lets see, also a bunch of other things also I don't pay for electricity so that's a major plus but I don't use much anyways. Plus I've got several appointments everything is happening so quick and fast its hard to keep up but I'm trying!!!!
  • Mood: Joy


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Tayu with Clothes! by NayuSiminova Status Single

Big Tiny by TalesandDreams ((Oc of :icontalesanddreams:)) To Shallow colored by NayuSiminova

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