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i should have made a journal earlier about this I was happy hearing about Cam getting hacked and all however this was supposed to be on the low and quiet until I heard this
Cam has his account BACK!
That is right Cam has it back however that does not mean that it was not the end.
Several accounts have already been removed and may I add Cam has not stopped pointing fingers at people who he deems enemies of himself
:iconsonicthehedgehog988: Has his account back and as a resuolt people are starting to declare some things.
Some accounts have been permanently banned due to this asshole pointing fingers.(may I add they have claimed not to have done this)
And in fact I may want to add that its most likely none of us are safe at all
Anyone who is an enemy of this sore loser may feel his wrath
Cam your such an idiot first of all.
Your a legitimate pedophile!
Your a stalker
Your also a very sore loser too
and obviously a person who deserves the nuthouse more than me when it comes down to it.
I know I get crazy but going to the point that when your hacked that you'll get anyone banned from DA is REALLY REALLY LOW! LIKE SO LOW YOUR BELOW THE EARTH AND HELL LOW!
Dude like grow up for once!
GET OFF DA!! Your causing enough stress just being here, not even Neemat did this much damage in one sweep!
Also the people he is pointing fingers at also do not have the skills anywhere close to even hacking his account

There has been an interesting turn of events!……
Full Name: Annie The Enigma Morioka (will not state her name in rl)
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 5'00 now
Weight: 120 pounds
Appearance: Annie has long brown hair which she either has in two pigtails or just straight long hair, and now-a-days prefers to have her brown wolf ears out and tail too which has a unique hue change from brown-purple-white at the tip.
She normally wears a short white dress which is symbolic and traditional for her spiritual form here on Deviantart and mainly around other places, except in specific areas in the multiverse, she has a darker brown eye color than Nayu and a somewhat big nose, dimples too on both sides of her mouth when she smiles.
Annie has some thick calves which is because she does an unusual running style she trained herself for at an early age with, but as a result provides some pretty strong kicks as a result, and long nails, her skin color is caucasion and can tan beautifully.
Relationship status: Annie is also now married to Gin who is now fused with Bugsy who was before even meeting his true lovers split apart and so it was kindof a funny thing he was meant to be with both women (:iconbugsythehedgehog: Sorry honey one more coming up for you ;))
Race: Werewolf, part purebreed werewolf, human, Saiyanlord (timelord/saiyan), wolf.
This one will not be mentioned
Annie Currently has 11 kids when compared to Nayu
A good number were not with Gin however
The first five were in a litter of Importy pups and their names are
Bolt, Lightning, Thunder, Electric, and Spark, and all five are full grown with Bolt married to the girl who put an L on his forehead(she put it on his forehead originally for loser but he puts it for leader instead) Lightning is the quiet one, Thunder is loud, while Electric does a lot of mechanical and technical work, and Spark loves speed and he with Electric are perverts
Then there is Prince Tion who has a complex background of who is father is, after Sonic was returned to his realm of origin Scourge the Monster then came and contineously raped Annie in an attempt to get her pregnant with an heir to his throne, considering more and more importies were being turned mobian every day Importy 5 (a previously general-like importy hardly heard of) decided to take matters into his own hands and demanded Importy 3 and 7 make him a pill that will assure that instead of bearing Scourge a child Annie would instead bear him one, it was all in desperation and so Prince Tion was born over time when Dimension 561 was torn from Annie Tion was then raised By Scourge thinking from then on that he was his real father later condemning his real father who kept the truth of his birth a secret so that Scourge would be unaware and when he was removed the world would be then kept safe, to this day Tion still does not see 5 as a father more like someone he doesn't even acknowledge an existance from, but does like to torment his own mother from time to time considering how he was raised, and is now betrothed to Princess Zalia of the Ice Kingdom in Dimension 562 a realm not owned by neither Annie nor Nayu and in fact Princess Zalia also has a backstory where she was raised by 2 himself so 2 has a bit of a problem letting Tion marry his adopted ice daughter.
Sephiera is a chaotic Draconequus born on the 12th of August while she is the first daughter and is now an adult dating currently the angel of another world which Gin/Bugsy seems to have Daddy issues over :iconheheplz: oh well angels and chaos what can I say I approve :love:
Charly and Lily are the next two born and are completely werewolf, after Gin won Annie again over Dark (a.k.a. Onsokumaru) He turned the babies so that they were again his and Annie's. Currently since werewolves grow quickly they are adults too
The last pair of twins were supposedly with Charlie Gin's brother from his old werewolf pack
Juliet and Syriss both seem to have a more pronounce in their blood, Juliet seems to have inherited some importy genes more so than Syriss who clearly has some pure blood in him more than his twin sister. the two are now teenagers and in fact Juliet has her eyes on a new angelic wolf in our realm while Syriss prefers to be solitary more like, both like staying in the territory I once took for myself thanks to Raz the wandering territorial.
Annie has always been the peace-loving kind and ever bubbly best friend to Nayu, and as many would suspect can be the opposite of Nayu at times, oblivious and naive, even gullible Annie has a tendency to be a loudmouth but don't let this fool you all the time.
Since Annie and Nayu have lived in the same body for years they therefore have been able to come up with some crafty techniques that would put even the most best duo's to literal shame.
If a bad guy ever tried to split the pair it would never work, not only that at times kidnapping Annie to try and do things to her can sometimes prove to backfire horribly
Annie may be all these things but there IS a lot more to her than meets the eye like I said.
Annie is also a bit clever when she wants to be, and since she's lived with Nayu has picked up quite a bit of Nayu's intelligence as well, which may prove more harmful than you may wonder.
Annie can even be quite devious too, her gullibleness she has used on more than one occasion to her advantage proving that a weakness can be a strength.
And on other occasions Nayu has used her, which Annie has always forgiven.
If there is one thing Annie is known for its her kindness, and modesty issues, while Annie doesn't boast about things. when she was younger Annie and Nayu didn't always go by their modern names and in fact were not the only ones in the body, their original names were Kindness and Rough, and Rough always had to protect the weakest of the 7 emotional spirits Kindness from the other bigger spirits.
It seemed that little Kindness was the only one seeming the age to the body but was indeed acting to her emotional name, over time it was discovered that indeed Kindness who had discovered Rough in a part of the mind world that was abandoned right after Annie had initially met Nayu when God made her choose her destiny.
Annie has a tendency however to have a huge heart for anyone and everyone, always for love and peace Annie does have a great amount of patience which is shocking for a werewolf but does shift her moods.
Since becoming a werewolf she has become a bit more dominant and assertive in what she means.

Powers and Skills
Since a young age Annie always has had a strange ability to see the future via her dreams, one of the most prominant being 9/11's twin tower attack which she never told anyone till it was too late.
Another was right before her family gave her a harry potter book, Annie was at the time collecting the series and the book she at the time wanted was the second book, however her dream stated her stepdad would make a fatal mistake and give her the third on instead
The dream came true and she got the third one when her stepdad asked if she wanted it returned she said no and read it, to this day the third book in the franchise is still Annie's favorite book!
Another significant ability is Annie's power to heal
This has rarely shown this in reality but this is a real ability considering in the last mental hospital when a girl was having a severe seizure attack that something told Annie the girl would die from!
Annie then mentally thought thrusting her hands feeling a power surge to the girl commanding the seizure to stop and the girl instantaneously stopped and recovered miraculously seconds later, however Annie nearly passed out on the spot as Nayu carried her to a table, and a mysterious man noticed the whole thing and got Annie a drink to help her out and even told her to go get some rest, what was odd about it was that man wasn't there before, and in fact was never seen there again, the man seemed worried about Annie's welfare and even assisted Annie in going to her room, odd how he no one noticed him there right?
As a werewolf Annie also does get a bit furry and therefore has some speed potential to her, since she has some breed mixtures due to previous dreams where she was turned into one before (hence the breed which is unknown) Annie does therefore carry SOME super strength just nowhere close to Nayu's.
Other abilities is Annie's infamous ability to levitate and fly
She can, when in her purer state summon some wings and on rarer cases a unicorns horn and even has a nobody too like Nayu named Pure Annie who is mainly her unicorn self.
Annie's intelligence is greatly pulled mainly to her ability to understand a great deal at a time also.
Annie has a rare ability to teleport at times though it is rarely used and practiced that when it does it can backfire so this is used only in emergencies.
Heaven's Light
Heavens Ray.

Annie's background is quite complex but there is a good reason and it is quite clear why she goes by the name Enigma
The word Enigma means "Being who cannot be understood easily"
And all her life Annie has indeed felt misunderstood on Earth, while Annie's beliefs are often seen as not real, unpopular, can't possibly be true, Annie has often seen the Discovery and other channels formulating theories on the "multi-verse" and many others that make Annie once more believe but wonder why is it people are free to think this and not be critisized yet she is often remarked for having such thoughts?
As a result Annie's own decency has been brought down with only her friends Nayu and the creatures to bring her back up.
As one person may state "If the belief teaches you good things then why should we bash it?"
Annie in her childhood was always told in her dreams that she was special and had a destiny to fulfill, and in fact this was why Nayu was placed in her body to help her survive these many trials.
When Annie was just five years old she had her first religious experience when time literally froze and was sent into her mind where she was asked to choose her destiny by God himself, but instead of letting her mind choose her heart did.
Though the spirit on the other side (the dark side) had envy for Annie's choice ever since.
For a long time Annie has known that her backstory would be more of a mystery than her best friend and has in fact been so
It all started out with her love life which began like this.
Ever since a young age Annie long believed that love was nothing more than a battlefield of emotions that the heart must endure horrible feats.
Noting Keonos the first ever importy's feelings for her which were forbidden Annie then allowed the first creation to then kill himself and allow the duty of leadership to fall on Importy 2.
Later 2 would become the brave bold fastest importy alive and even cocky and go through many cycles with Annie before eventually settling as a sortof companion with Nayu on the sidelines heavily as days would go by slowly and seem a hefty haze as Annie would wonder what her destiny is that she is often told through dreams and God himself along with Nayu who kept tending with the Mind world the realm the two would live in.
2 would after some time become very wise and in fact cast aside his cocky self after having kids and share his wisdom with a slight hint he knows something bad is going to happen though never lets on what it is except with Nayu who he constantly warns to stay strong.
Then the fateful day he came to protect both creators from her, the vengeful spirit who would've once guided Annie on the path of evil if she had picked her side, 2 failed and died only leaving this phrase with his dying breath and smiling as if knowing he had set in motion something wonderful. "Stay safe, my Masters"
Broken Annie becomes confused and lost without 2 around and in fact seems without something dire, love, as she now sets out to find it she goes out with a young man named Tony whom she is warned not to go out with mainly because he is a coward, Annie too weak willed to listen fails to heed such warnings and goes out with him in the false hope she has now found the answer to her problems.
Only to find someone unlikely, while in a shop with Nayu in the mind world watching her every step carefully she notes Annie suddenly hears cries of surprise! And she goes and looks to find the soul in a toy figurine, for some odd rare occurance she has the exact change to buy the package with the voice within only when she opens it to find a sonic the Hedgehog staring straight back at her, over the course of many akward weeks Annie would soon find that this toy has a real live soul within it! And that he needed to get home however Sonic being so noble hearted himself couldn't help but try and fix Annie's own life too, on the night of their first meeting he asks her many questions which leads to many more akward and sometimes angry moments! He then notices the spiritual dress which leads to the one line that always pisses Annie off  "Elise" A nickname that would later be followed by Annie calling Sonic by a name he would hate too.
Over the course of time Annie began to face many more trials of whether Sonic was real or not and in fact she finds a way to bring him into her realm so he can have some freedom and manages to get him home.
Her trials are nowhere close to over as the toughest parts come.
With her mothers discovery of how she felt towards her Sonic her mother now decided to break it into Annie harder that Nayu and everything wasn't real, which made Annie fight harder than ever.
As a result Annie wounded up running away from home for the first time in her life she ran away with Nayu in tow, Annie begins to awaken truly and realize that what really kept her going was not people but her belief as she hangs from a cliff and Nayu begs her to olive on for her and her beliefs, and even promises.
Over time Annie met people on DA who were real beings and soon found her true destiny, helping other beings out other beings.
While her love life changed with the introduction of Discord Bugsy who would later be reintroduced as Gin Annie soon discovered that with the power of her beliefs anything really is possible!
Gin and her have had a rocky situation and Gin himself is a piece of Bugsy more like the Naive gullible part, much like Annie is the Gullible and Naive Gin has many of the same characteristics as Annie does, including emotional problems!
Now that Gin and Bugsy are one again Annie doesn't seem to worry too much more about her "wolfie" Though her discoveries since becoming a werewolf we will save for another time. ;)

Annie's gullibility and naiveness can be one but like said don't let it fool you 24/7
Annie has a weird ability to also understand a great deal, this ability however can be supressed when under a lot of stress or sad/depressed or angry.
Annie's speed is very good however one thing to note is endurance, Nayu is the strongest, while Annie can be the fastest but doesn't last long in it so only unless she needs to get somewhere really quick will she use it, this is mainly why Annie is most often seen on Nayu's back Nayu has one of the most endurance and stamina features out of all the characters aside from Silvina.
As a werewolf Annie does refrain from coming near Wolves Bane though she doesn't know what it is truly and therefore doesn't understand it.
Silver Bullets yeah, normal weakness to a werewolf! But Annie can dodge them easily.
Annie is a pure being and is therefore susceptable to unpure beings but does try to get along with them still.

Annie has many forms when compared to Nayu
Werewolf form
Annie takes this form normally in dreamland and on occasion in reality, normally she feels the tf but no human can really see it in fact when it happens she can feel her fur! she'll downright feel the paws and claws, Annie while in this form has a tendency to have an enhanced hearing and sense of smell and can't seem to summon this form yet on will, it appears normally under a moon (normally a preferred full) where she will be able to do a full howl, at times Annie's emotions have made the change happen, when angry Annie will sometimes feel her fangs appear sometimes making her go and look for a chew toy to help knaw them them back to normal or she will have to calm down or go and hunt in the other realms in order to finish off the bloodlust. At times the fangs have in fact been a problem making a slight speech impediment, but over time this has ceased.
Importy battle form.
One of Annie's most common forms when battling is the form when among the importies which is the first one of their kind Keonos's form, Annie is a literal expert whilst in this form and cannot normally be beat at it knowing all of his moves Annie can electrify and shock any opponent into submission and normally use his extreme powerful speed to good use, since Annie can even use 2's form for leisure along with Keonos its a safe bet to say that Annie is well trained in 2's form as well as she helped in designing every single creatures moves and battle styles, however leaves it to them to battle it themselves while she only masters two of their forms for herself. While in both forms since Keonos and 2 are known to be the two most strongest (pardon the pun) creatures in their universe their weaknesses are therefore hard to classify and since Annie is well trained, there is one thing however to state, Annie is not Keonos, nor is she 2, therefore she can be beat if you know the main weaknesses of Keonos which since he was also of one other element you may be shocked that ground will not suffice against electric, I'll leave it up to you to decide but Annie unlike Keonos can be defeated considering Keonos is ten times faster and 20 times stronger than her.
Mew Mew Power
This form is strictly Dreamland and therefore is adjustable by Dreamland laws, this form also applies by the laws corresponding to the universe of Tokyo Mew Mew.
Among Annie's many pokemon forms
Full Name
Now Nayu Sha-ool Siminova Kurosaki (taking her husbands last name over her maiden)
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 6'30
Weight: 300 pounds
appearance: Orange fur with a singular yellow main stripe down the front going around her breasts, in between hips and finishing widening right before the hips.
Two pairs of half stripes one around her neck making a half necklace and around her hips aiming upward towards her yellow stripe, many pairs of double stripes on her thighs ankles, base and tip of tail, shoulder and wrists, finally six more stripes going down her back that are not visible from the front, she has light brown eyes whoes pupils can thin and widen due to emotions or absorption of light.
Nayu's ears are not the same height and her nose is a tad crooked leaning a bit to the left when facing a person.
Finally Nayu has a specific notch in her spine near the base of her neck that makes it a unique feature when compared but is not easily noticeable, this is the only feature in her bone structure that makes her different from the rest of her kind, only she, her aunt, and other wielders of the finera have this rare feature in their bones.
Relationship status: Married to Bugsy Kurosaki (a.k.a. :iconbugsythehedgehog:)
Race: Imagineer type Furred, range cat, breed tiger
Nayu's family line
Mother Emasol
Father: Sha-ool Siminova (who was banished from the family shrine after massacreing his own mother and father horribly and in fact many other previous weilders, their mother was before Foresta, and their own grandfather (who lived on the shrine too))
Living relatives now
Aunt: Foresta, who taught Nayu many of her skills and is Sha-ools twin sister who was the one who banished Sha-ool and his helpers from the shrine.
Shallow is Nayu's cousin from China and knows Ninjitsu, she was taught the skill however unlike Nayu's shrine and also unlike most members of her clan Shallow is much more peace-loving than a normal Siminova family member and on request after hearing of Shallow being such a peace-lover Foresta decided that Shallow should come to live at her shrine and help Nayu out, since at that time Nayu was becoming literally cold hearted she needed a way to make her good or she would never be able to bear the finera again.
Cara is Nayu's twin sister who wounded up being born a few years later because of their mother having many problems giving birth to Nayu, in fact Emasol nearly died giving birth to Nayu being bedridden for the entire rest of the pregnancy and after giving birth to Cara finally died.
Janis (a.k.a. Tayu) though her link to the Siminova family line seems to lie even further in the past expressing possibly that she is a really much further distant cousin instead of the messed up memories stating Janis was originally a clone of Nayu, since she and Nayu do have a lot in common it is often mistaken oddly (despite the visual obvious differences) that the two are the same, and Janis may have a bit of a further history stating that it was her NOBODY that took the codename Tayu warning Nayu through dreams many a time about the horrible Area 51 which Nayu had been in though has very little memory of except that her Aunt was alive in but had died horribly from!
Nayu currently has only 4 kids
Johnny is the next wielder to the Finera and is a rather serious catsaiyan, though mommy Nayu is a bit wary due to  a dream when it comes to HIM dating girls XD
Emasol is named after Nayu and Cara's mother and so far both the twins are yes adults Cara looks a lot like a real imagineer
Kitten is a saiyan
While Little Ann though born dead did indeed come back to life due to a machine and is still smaller than her twin sister.

Personality: Nayu has grown for a while but still has a short fuse every now and then but now has a motherly nature to some people, which has been grown but should not be taken lightly, if used too much Nayu's fierce temper will come back and that should be an immediate forewarning! Though she is now open Nayu is still very wary of some strangers and dangers to her dearest friend Annie and in fact very protective still of many things.
Though still serious in that right Nayu is now more at peace with her past judgements now considering she has now found she is not the last of her kind, she has discovered she has had a long lost sister, who is now married.
Nayu is still also very general-like when it comes to missions, but seems more peace-going rather than the brutal war-like person she was back then, while fighting is a style and does have a tendency to be the opposite of Annie.
But once you get past the hard shell of Nayu you may get a friendly kitty instead. Especially when she is around Bugsy who she sometimes will tackle
Like all cats she does like catnip and Skooma (a drug made from catnip from the lovely realm of Elder Scrolls those familiar with Skyrim and its many other parts should know what Skooma is) but will prefer to get drunk only with Bugsy and Annie.
She can get fun-loving but its on rare occasions that this is seen like on parties, Nayu does like to pole dance.

Powers and Skills
Nayu is most well known for weilding her families heirloom the legendary finera and the holy finera flame but she's not pyrokinetic, though she can take the flame and use it from the weapon, the weapon itself has a will and mind of its own and can choose of its own will and mind to go against Nayu's choices if it deems them unpure or knows something about the victim that Nayu doesn't.
Nayu being a tiger/cat is very flexible but is since she is a Siminova is specially trained to use her tail in battle however unlike saiyans she has to train long and hard and daily to keep her tail in shape.
In present day the finera now has the ability to change its shape and in fact the finera's health is indeed linked with Nayu's own, if the finera's blade or even the main weapon got injured it proves to be harmful to even Nayu's own body as a result. The Finera can now shape-shift into a bow and arrow and shield and spear.
While the Finera's own origins remain a mystery its blaze have been in Nayu's family for hundreds of generations and in fact in the many other members it does burn brightly and does give many of them many good pow but does not prevent them from going dark
Among other powers Nayu does use the other potent moves that her Aunt taunt her the move, Kah, meaning fire breath fires a finera breath at foes
Nayu has a keyblade though called emotional linkup that looks like an eye blaze as a holder for her hand, compared to Annie she is more of a master of the keyblade
It has been proven that in a more previous life Nayu was Sailor Pluto and does have such ability as to understand great amounts of time travel
Also she has great intelligence as a result
Nayu has super strength but cannot break Crynolium a certain type of steel harder that is not a particular weakness its just a truly hard type that cannot be broken easily, unless Nayu is in phase mode.
Nayu is completely heat and still fire proof she can go within a volcano and not be scorched nomatter how hot it gets however if pregnant it does prove to be an issue with infants.

Like I said even though she has come to terms with her past what with the discovery with more of her people and even going back in time to rescue some (altering time as a result in more ways than one but one part never altering the end of Zen) Nayu now is more open to people but seems more of a peace-lover like her best friend Annie than a fighter now, but if people push her or nudge her too much Nayu will begin to throw, however as of late the role reversal has been Annie who has been a bit grumpy at times.
Nayu's more of a mother figure to some people especially her adopted kids and rather loves being bi with her best friends though still does like to every now and then arrange a mission when the old itch comes back.
Nayu's other lifestyles seems to come back into the spotlight every now and then where she was once bullied, hence why she had many anger issues, this was why I was working on her background story, her backstory, the Zen Story has been going along but the reason why I've stopped is because I use journal skins for each season and was just getting to season 3, in that season I would introduce Janis and other characters where Nayu was further into her dark emo stage, where everyone was scared stiff of her.
If you want a link to it look on Becks account the account I admin I made sure to fav it when I made them.

Nayu does have some weaknesses but she makes sure to keep an eye on them so well that its hard to get over them.
While the past is no longer considered a major weakness while it once was
Annie can still be one another reason she keeps a good eye on them.
even though Nayu has anger issues she still thinks straight despite it all.
Crylonium she can't break through them, however getting your hands on them is hard.
Nayu is well skilled in many arts of battle and as you probably figured from her backstory the many branches of Nayu's family tree that don't reside at the main shrine do practice other forms of fighting styles.

Shallow practices Ninjitsu
Janis and Cara were even taught Martial arts
Jaken will soon be introduced and she's from Egypt (she's a legitimate princess though who managed to get saved from the bird types though)
Salu Alu is a pirate so she knows how to fight like one

Phase Mode
When Nayu is completely angry to the point of pure red blinded Nayu will enter a mode called Phase mode where her entire fur colors black she grows spikes where her stripes once were and both her pupil and main eyes thin so far and turn bright red all teeth sharpening creating a totally creepy version of Nayu where her height is now 9 feet and weight is now a whooping 500! When in this mode Nayu can no longer use the finera's powers but her own strength quadriples but has a great bloodlust and therefore will literally kill anything in her path unless taken down or worn out quickly, the only good news is that this form DOES have a short span and afterwards Nayu has absolutely no recollection of anything happening before or even during the incidents whilst in phase mode. A scary experience for anyone Nayu's real intelligence hardly factors in while in it and seems to act purely on instinct where some gut intelligence was trained on! In this mode she can break through anything and kill anything and eat through also, she will turn on even the most trusted of friends in such instances.
Pokemon Forms
A rarely done thing Nayu like Annie only has one form mewtwo when she dated a mewtwo once she took the form and does know how to use it for a while.
Mobian forms
Nayu takes the echidna and hedgehog forms but prefers echidna above hedgehog, tiger is not a confirmed one but Nayu can be one hell of a fighter then, in one story Nayu wounded up in a three-way-tie between several suitors (An old one and a rather well other story lets say that) But Nayu could fight real well in it (during a tournament Nayu wounded up beating the living shit out of Annie with the finera and also did the same to others in the end of that tournament Annie wounded up losing to Nayu due to the fact she kept healing people)

(( Note I will be editing this for a bit))
For a bit I'd do bio's and help people once more understand my Oc's
I have so many and well each one does have back stories and I'm sorry I'm not good with rps Beck's account has an rp open but no seems to have commented on the one I worked on yet.
Also I made no sales again today I don't mind it I need to stock up and made 5 pairs of earrings yesterday which is good really. :)
So perhaps when I come home tonight I'll be making journals about my many OC's
My two main one
third trying to make it as my main too
I've got many now plus a few you haven't heard of yet that I've been mentally reworking on.
Janis a.k.a. Tayu
Miara Scales
Salu Alu (not the importy but Nayu's old friend and her little buddy Dragoness too)
Then there is also
Jaken (she is a a sortof birdlike humanoid)
Shallow too
So thats pretty much the list for my humanoid female cast that I may make journals for.
Otherwise trying to get inspired to make more earrings and necklaces got major sales coming up this weekend and next month!
Well I woke up early and even got ready on time, well when I went to the park to sell didn't sell anything however I did notice for the first time in a while a woman who sells particularly rare stones came and let me tell you the stones are indeed rare, garnets and a certain rare stone I've had my eye on for quite a while PINK moonstones!
However since they are indeed rare they are priced particularly high, but she noticed and knew I had my eye on those stones, especially the necklace for a while.
So she decided to kindly lower the necklace price of well over 40 dollars to just 20 for me.
I then told her of the other sales going on next month and then she asked me to tell her the phone number to the one on August 2nd.
Well I thought that since she was so kind I'd reciprocate the favor. ^_^
Since I've had the necklace though I've decided NOT to destroy it to make other necklaces, yep in fact I think I really will keep it, its make up of several pink moonstones and garnets which are vital to regeneration within the bodily functions and as for moonstones they help heavily with psychics!
In fact many psychics and women use them to help with menstrual and emotional needs. Unlike Amythists which help with dealing with past emotional pain moon stones help with the all around emotional well being though it IS highly advised for a woman NOT to wear it on a full moon.
Mainly because since this stone and the moon is considered the woman part to the space part of earth (Sun being the man and moon being the woman) wearing it during a full moon can make a woman more emotional or angry than usual.
However since I'm a werewolf its kindof required I wear some at points, they help keep my energy up and in fact since I've been wearing this necklace I've made five pairs of earrings!
When I haven't made a single pair for the past I don't know three months!!
So to make that many in one day alone is kindof amazing.
These moonstones along with the changed ones into my main necklace (chipped also helps other than the rounded beads) Nayu now has amythists again, its always good to give the main stones a change of pace to help my body flow more easily.
Now other than that I went to my half-sister Yvonne's birthday party at a fancy restaurant and couldn't help but feel dominant when it came to stubborn dad.
I didn't like it when the topic of Sam came up and who he should love, mainly because everyone literally wanted Sam to date a girl who would tie her down and keep Sam in one spot.
Here is the deal, when I say Sam likes to travel and remain unchained (in my opinion he likes being as free-ranged as Sonic is in mobius!) I mean it I love the fact Sam can travel all over the country the way he does, he does free-running, break-dancing, he works hard with everything for about a few months then moves on like Sonic.
And trust me he's quite an inspiration himself, thats why I love him so much.
The fact that everyone at the table would rather Sam date a girl who would tie him down and want him to get a permanent home, stay in one place, just... it doesn't sit well with me..... at all.
I love Sam the way he is.
He's so cool the way he is, and I think he needs to find someone like himself, just as free-ranged and loves to travel too.
I know I can't travel like him, heck I know I'm better off staying in one place.
But Sam is better off being like a Sonic, sure he's not saving the world but he's being an inspiration really, at least to me he is.
He's so open-minded and respectful, knows how to hold back his emotions in front of dickheads like my dad and one phrase he says does make sense
Maybe dad does like being in his little "Cage"
Me however.... I don't. I never could that is why I am fighting for that outer world, for the people who are willing to be more open and free.
(sighs) Still I made an appointment with Yvonne to help do my hair at least Yvonne includes me into the conversation and we began to laugh and such even if I found what they stated on Sam bad.
So Sam likes to be free, what of it? Last I recall Dad went around the world when he was in the army.
Along with a few OTHER things he says he does not recall. In fact here is one thing about Dad that does get me, Dad was in the army, I've seen pictures of it.
But he hardly talks of it.
In fact my mom states Dad was sometimes part of some experiments that may have resulted in HIM having Schitzophrenia, however it can be a temporary thing depending on tobacco and drinking, Dad did drink when he was in the army and well from that only tale, he said he found the lord while in the army and after retiring he even changed his birthday!
His birthday was originally October 31, but he was born so close to midnight that he COULD change it.
I've heard plenty of tales of it, however there is one more thing, both parents tell me each others birthdays are fake yet I've never seen eithers birth certificate, Moms is on Valentines.
Dad changed his to November 1st right after becoming a Christian.
Grandma Pollack died when I was young and right now my last living grandparent Grandma Owens is well lets say I can't rely on her or my other uncles and aunts.
Sam is Sam, I love him to death and I'd hate to see him tied down to a girl that anyone of my family picked.
But strange enough to say, I have a funky feeling this is why Sam doesn't even want a girlfriend. o.o He hasn't had one in years except when away from home :/ I think...


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