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(<NAYU>) We're Nayu and Annie two friends who share this same account, we've been wondering who stops by to visit from time to time so please don't be shy!
(<ANNIE>) We don't bite! Well yeah!


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Syriss and Juliet. Already looking five years old
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I LOVE ARCHIE! (got a problem deal with it! :D )

Michael Angelo I don't truly like as much as the other three. ^^; But he is nice.

Even shows I am not that familiar with. ^~^ The guys are into things too! :D

Please credit people, enough hell is caused by people who don't.

Most requests are for friends. ^~^ Thank you.

Eh, I crossover anything if I can get away with it! XD

Boba Fett, he was an ass to beat in one of the games XD

Yes I'm a fan! XD

No offense, this guy is hot, but way too hyper!

Do, there is no try! CX

Yep, my dress STILL looks like hers. -_-

Next show better say MOBIUS! XD


Look up Battiger in my gallery XD!

Major fan of this one. :)


I'm playing this! :3

Played. :)

No offense guys, I liked it. ^^;


Is it obvious yet? ^^;

Funny. Me bad.

He's so cute when he's scared. :3

Loved KND

I played this. :3

Total Shugo Chara Fan and Ikuto is one hottie~

Got into the storyline of it. ^^;

Favorite show, I consider my love relationship like Musa's and Rivens. But I'm more like Bloom discovering her princess heritage.

We like her a lot.

But Nayu is more like Aisha! XD her relationship is like her and Nabu's, except in this story Nabu never dies.

Advertising for John

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 20, 2014, 8:49 PM…
A new saiyan roleplaying group! If you want to come and play go in and join. :)
Go in and have some fun!

Last nights dream

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 20, 2014, 3:50 PM
Last night I had a dream that me and Nayu were again on a new mission of peace however this entire time Annie kept getting this ominous feeling of being followed and a trap.
As we continued on this peace treaty Annie went off after a while to explore when one of the kids guided me along with the elvish guide when I went down a staircase by sliding down it then played with it nearby a cave when Nayu notices something and tells me to go up the stairs then all of a sudden the downstairs gains this ominous feeling, after a discussion with the elves who had these odd blue markings (not like Avatar really ornate looking) The kids wanted me to join them Nayu kept them busy while I discussed more matters with the elves till Nayu came over covered with the kids who wanted me to come downstairs badly.
"Please Ann, ma'am, these kids really want her to play with them. ^^;"
After a little more I finally went and went to play when before the kids went down the slide and elevator I stopped and so did Nayu turning to me.
Nayu looked over the edge and saw her.
Someone lurking in the shadows of the cave looking up waiting for me to come down her eyes oddly glowing.
I wouldn't walk forward even the kids wouldn't either as I turned to the evlish guide and stated.
"Do you sense this ominous feeling I do?"
she looked confused as she was unsure but another person wiser appeared stating she does sense something I actually couldn't see this woman as she was engulfed entirely in white oddly
I then turned again to the elf and asked.
"Do you have any enemies?"
Unfortunately as the elvish woman began to either shake or nod my dad called to wake me up.... well before my alarm.... Right now I cannot tell whether or not she was shaking or nodding her head.... yeah... thats it.

Background by Shimaira

Thanks everyone!

Thu Sep 18, 2014, 9:58 PM

for all the happy birthdays!
My day went well took Nayu to Applebees and even though it was interrupted and the day was spoiled everyone made it all better. So thanks. :)
It means a lot to have so many people care about Nayu and I so thanks for wishing Nayu a happy birthday. ^~^

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Unique Lives Zen Saga S3 Ep1 Nayu and Shallow

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 18, 2014, 11:47 AM
Link to previous season

Nayu and Shallow
Nayu VS Jaken the warrior Princess

Back to Silvina
As Silvina noticed her super saiyan hair droop she didn't want to let others complain as she heard a mysterious knock on her door, answering it she found a package and opening it a red headband with a message.
"this is a gift wear it to stay safe"
"What the shit is this?" She said grumpily still only so young Silvina wasn't aware who gave it to her but none-the-less put it on to find it fit her and kept her golden hair up. Now she didn't have to worry about the hair getting in her face.
The mysterious person however was there for a reason, to help this time period out and quickly exited before he could be spotted.

Back on the homeworld Nayu was now known as a brute everytime she walked down the halls everyone went dead quiet for fear she would brutally massacre them, not even anger therapy classes had helped to control the beast inside from the massive bullying she had endured all those years before.
Nayu felt more alone then ever before and strangely yearned for the bullying rather than this, her dreams were of no comfort either that girl began to appear more and more often.
Today was yet another day of being lonely at middle school she wasn't even aware that a new student had trasfered all the way from China, from their shrine a member of her family her cousin named Shallow.

The next day would be different.

Walking to school she found someone bullying a new girl.
"So pretty Khajit, why don't you just hand over your money and we won't do you any harm... unless you want to pose for us?~"
"Please! LEave me alone! I don't have any money!"
She sounded foreign and Nayu quickly rushed to see what the trouble was, that obnoxious girl in Nayu's dream Aunnie? Stated today would be special... dam did Nayu hate when she was right.
There was a black and white cat  in trouble with some Reptoidians (wet-scaled lizards) Trying to get money from her.
"Come on pretty kitty, if you don't well we'll have to search you~" Said the other making an approach which made Nayu angry, but not to the point that the inner monster was loose she leaped and punched him from the back hard turned kicked the other in the side harder when both recovered and saw her they gasped and turned tail and ran like crazy.
"RUN RUN LIKE HELL ITS HER!!!! SPARE US SPARE US PLEASE!!!!!" They cried out still running as Nayu roared after them then turned to the cat.
She looked at Nayu but oddly held no fear.
Nayu turned picked up her stuff walking off not even asking her to thank her.
Nayu stopped and turend to her
"I said thank you" She said standing up and bowing she then began walking towards Nayu who growled warningly to her making her stop.
"Stay away from me..... I kill people....." And with that darted off
Shallow didn't feel offended, just bad as she watched her run off.

That was how it started.
Every chance she got Shallow would try to get around Nayu but stayed at a distance, people would warn her periodically but everytime Shallow would tell them she thinks Nayu needs a friend which they would then state "Your funeral"
She often would watch how Nayu would lose her temper at some people and would even yes dare to follow Nayu to her Anger Management classes she found their flaws in it and over a few weeks began to find she could come closer and closer in Nayu's private zone.
Everytime she came too close Nayu would growl sometimes she'd notice that Nayu wouldn't do much else though but did realize that she envied people who did have friends and that was her oppurtunity to actually get close.
One day while Nayu laid in the grass she had enough of Shallow and told her to come close.
"You know I could kill you. -_-"
"But aren't we all animals?" Shallow stated
" Yes indeed that we are. Why do you not flee, you saw what I did to Batem the other day. -.-"
"Yes I did, but he did make you mad by stating what he did"
Nayu immediantly glared at her which she didn't show fear  to.
"And yet you don't flee when I give this look! Why?" Nayu said her pupiled V thinning further.
"Because I think you need a friend." She said
That stopped her for the first time in ever someone stated something that being in Nayu's dream was stating all along and her pupils dialated wider and she turned her head to look up.
"I don't deserve friends..... I'm a runt."
"Everyone needs friends though, no one deserves to be alone forever." Shallow said gently.
"Whats your name?" Nayu said.
"I'm your cousin, I'm Shallow Siminova. I was sent here to help be your friend."
"I see."
"Want to go get something to eat? ^~^" Shallow asked.
Nayu looked at her weird.

At the cafe everyone gave looks, mainly because Nayu never hung around anyone before, she felt so uncomfortable that when it got too much she growled loudly making everyone turn back to what they were doing.
"So uh..... why do people uh...." Nayu said loss for words
"Its okay, I didn't have many friends where I came from either. ^^ I was too friendly in my tribe."
"Too friendly? -_^" Nayu said raising an eyebrow.
"We're ninja's... but I'm against violence. ^^;"
"Interesting concept..... for a member of my family."
The rest of the evening went well it was the next day that was even more unusual when a PRINCESS came over.

When Shallow and Nayu came in they realized everyone was oddly waiting for Nayu to arrive when she did horns blew and suddenly a red velvet carpet was laid out in front of Nayu as royal dancers were sent out doing some exotic egyptian dance one stating.
"Presenting! Her royal highness the warrior princess of Ega! PRINCESS JAKEN!!!"
A flamboyant bird-like woman then walked out up to Nayu stating.
"I heard plenty of rumors that a Shrine Princess was being a bully, so as the NEW princess I thought I ought to do my duty to the world and rid it of such foul things one at a time."
"And you picked THIS place WHY? -_-" Nayu stated unimpressed.
"You dare to scoff at ME! ME! THE PRINCESS!"
"Yes, cause we're all the way in (america) Bitch. why here? -.- If you ask me someone got bored on her royal throne and wanted something to do. Your pathetic."
Everyone gasped.
"You.....YOU!!!! HOW DARE YOU! YOU MEASLY PATHETIC MONGREL OF A CAT!!!" And with that tried to slap Nayu across the face when Nayu grabbed her wing twisted it and snapped it turning her around and pinned her to the wall.
"You don't know what your messing with princess, don't come on my turf with a battle cry and this is all you got to fight with got it! GET OUT!"
But instead of cries of pain she heard a chuckle coming from Jaken.
"I'm impressed! You ARE strong!" And with that did a back kick Nayu trying to catch when her other arm swung punching her dead in the mouth as she continued to fight everyone watchin with delight as Nayu began to get beat up until Nayu summoned her finera and put the blade to Jaken's throat making her stop.
Wiping the blood off of her mouth Nayu said.
"Got a weapon? Use it!"
Jaken snapped her finger on her useable hand saying. "Guard! My royal sceptor!" Her guard handed her her scepter which upon pressing a button let loose some spikes which looked more impressive than the finera.
"Impressed?" She said
"Only if you can weild it!" Nayu said as both clashed their weapons hard sending sparks and flames and it seemed that was all that was impressive about Jakens'  weapon because in less than five minutes Nayu had her weapon out of her hand.
"Tu-shay" Jaken said gulping.
"Your not impressing me at all Jaken warrior princess! Your pitiful, you need a great deal more TRAINING!" Nayu roared as she now had the right to attack Jaken with both the weapon and herself Jaken tried to defend until Jaken punched her in the gut. Nayu groaning now gave her an oppurtunity to attack which she did to attack hwer harshly, unfortunately this was when Nayu began to drain horribly Shallow noticed though the finear began to change colors to black though as she began to get beaten horribly the crowd roaring as this happened and rushed to Jakens' guards to tell them as soon as Nayu begins to attack get their princess out of here!
The finera then vanished as Jaken mocked Nayu
"SO! You think you can bully these peasants further Nayu? Your just a runt a stupid pathetic little runt! You don't even AGH!"
Everyone halted Nayu's hand had lept to Jaken's throat so fast no one saw it coming Nayu looked up to Jaken's face showing her pupils had thinned so far they were barely there in fact her4 outer pupils were now pure red her fur darkening to obsidian black as she stood up still chocking Jaken in her fierce grip growling as her teeth sharpened.
Jakens eyes filled with pure fear at Nayu's face as Shallow told the guards to attack Nayu she's not herself anymore!!
Shallow had heard of these instances Nayu was going into Phase mode, a literal demonic state where bloodlust happens, it occurs when tramatic situations erupt within the soul and corrupt the being horribly.
Jaken was loosing consciousness the tighter Nayu's grip became and her head filled with fear that Nayu would eat her!
Just then the guards attacked at last stabbing Nayu with Jakens sceptor Shallow unsure if she should even do this but saw the finera had reappeared in front of her, should she?
She picked it up even though it was scorching her and stabbed Nayu making her body yell in literal sheer pain as everyone else had literally ran like hell knowing what normally happens when she does this and Nayu dropped Jakens body herself fallingturning back to normal and unconcious

After that Shallow dragged Nayu's body home, Jaken too was sent home and cured of her ailments.
When Nayu came to she thought Shallow would leave her after seeing the monster within her.
Shallow however hugged her  worried.
Aunt Foresta nodded that it was alright.
Jaken hardly ever returned, she insisted she never had found a being more powerful than Nayu's family and therefore swore that her family line is now at rivalry with the Siminova's.


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Okay okay am not feelig at best

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 17, 2014, 12:23 PM

So I woke up late, head is hot I think I'm not feeling at best cause I'm a little moody too. I may just head out for a bit again.... may try and do a few things to try an help myself. Yeah... not in top shape today. Ugh whatever.
Oh and its Nayu's birhtday... yeah NAYU's birthday tomorrow. Annie's in on the 22 so yeah. I'll see everyone in a bit then...

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How many would want me to try making a comic and what would it be of 

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Both: :3 X3 Yay!!!
Sat Sep 20, 2014, 6:00 PM
Sat Sep 20, 2014, 11:02 AM
Thanks everyone for the support on this. :)
Thu Jul 10, 2014, 9:24 PM
:) Thanks Gizmo so are you. Every one of you, ^~^ Oh my premium membership is ending soon too.
Wed Jul 9, 2014, 9:35 AM
your the best Nayu and Annie ^^
Tue Jul 8, 2014, 6:35 AM
Good. :D
Sat Jun 28, 2014, 4:11 PM
im fine
Fri Jun 27, 2014, 6:05 PM
:hug: How are you? :3
Fri Jun 27, 2014, 12:24 PM
hello :D
Sun Jun 22, 2014, 10:32 AM
XD Thanks Shinyuu. :)
Sat Jun 14, 2014, 9:40 AM


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My Pony name is Fairy Shimmer.
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What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
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Which Sailor Scout Are You?
Which Sailor Scout Are You?
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Makes sense.

What Pokemon Are You?
What Pokemon Are You?
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WHOA! WTF Me and Annie got opposite races than ours! She's a dog, and I'm a cat, and I got a dog and she got a cat! :D

Yes this is true, I don't get randomness shit.
What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
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What Eevee Evolution Are You?
What Eevee Evolution Are You?
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Which Of The Mane Six Are You?
Which Of The Mane Six Are You?
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What Doctor Are You Most Like?
What Doctor Are You Most Like?
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What Element Fits You Best?
What Element Fits You Best?
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What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
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Which Sailor Scout Are You?
Which Sailor Scout Are You?
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....... Well they don't include reincarnations oh well.

What Pokemon Are You?
What Pokemon Are You?
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What Eevee Evolution Are You?
What Eevee Evolution Are You?
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Which Of The Mane Six Are You?
Which Of The Mane Six Are You?
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What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
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I can be more random than this.

My pony name

My Pony name is Fairy Song.
Take My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.


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